200 Ethiopian volunteers to join West Africa Ebola fight

Photo©ReutersIn response to an urgent appeal by the African Union for medical staff to avert West Africa's health crisis, Ethiopia has pledged to send 200 volunteer health workers to countries hit by the Ebola outbreak.

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Somalia: Al-Shabaab loses lifeline

Terrorist group al-Shabaab has been dealt a major blow after Somali and African Union (AU) forces seized its last coastal stronghold.

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CAR: AU troops give way to UN troops

File photo©ReutersThe African Union (AU) has handed over its peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) to the United Nations.

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Pessimism over Mugabe's SADC and future AU roles

Photo©ReutersZimbabwe's veteran ruler, President Robert Mugabe this week assumes the role of Southern African Development Community (SADC) chairman amid grumblings from his local rivals that his leadership will be a burden to the country and the region. He 

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South Sudan's people are forced to fight this war - Riek Machar

Riek Machar, Former vice-president, South Sudan. Photo©Tiksa Negeri/ReutersThe rebel leader talks to The Africa Report about his escape from Juba, his decision to take up arms against Salva Kiir and why, despite the death toll, he will continue the struggle.

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Somalia: Regaining territory from Al-Shabab

President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Photo©Reuters Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has decided to expand the reach of his administration in the war torn country through military force.

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Should Egypt's suspension from the African Union be lifted?

The African Union (AU) was the first international body to condemn the ousting of President Morsi in July 2013. now that the 'ouster', Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, is Egypt's elected president the au looks likely to lift its suspension.

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Rwanda's politics by other means

5,000 peacekeepers drawn from a population of 12 million are engaged in multilateral missions. Photo©Sylvain Cherkaoui for JARwanda's transformation from a crucible of genocide into a regional peacekeeper has been an effective diplomatic anchor in a sea of troubled relationships.

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The fight against dirty money goes global

When government appears unconcerned about corruption and illicit financial flows, citizens must find other ways to be heard, as in this striking street art in Nairobi’s central business district. Photo©Thomas Mukoya/ReutersTrade mispricing, money laundering and tax evasion are stripping more than $50bn a year from African state revenue. So says a detailed, new United Nations report coordinated by South Africa's Thabo Mbeki.

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Politics of attendance and no-shows - Anansi

European Union and African leaders pose for a family photo during a European Union Africa summit in Brussels April 2, 2014. Photo©ReutersShowing up at a summit can be key to a politician's image and communications strategy, but the power of a well-planned absence or boycott is all too tempting for some. The sick no-shows, also, manage to use the doctrine of silence surrounding the health of African leaders to their advantage. The Europe-Africa summit in April provided just the right platform for drama brewed in the African pot.

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Africa and the sick men of Europe

There is this knotty problem in European-African relations, and one side is really losing the plot.

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EU-Africa Summit: All roads lead to Brussels

Europe remains a goal for thousands of migrants ready to risk their lives to leave Africa. Photo©Juan Medina/ReutersThe topics of trade, aid and security are all on the table at the EU-Africa summit on 2-3 April. African negotiators worry about tariff protection, migration issues and financing peace-keeping missions.

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Towards a UN-AU division of labour - Haile Menkerios

Haile Menkerios - Head of the United Nations Office to the African Union. Photo©Michael Tsegaye for TAR UN special representative Haile Menkerios talked to The Africa Report about peace enforcement in Africa and the dynamics of the crisis in South Sudan.

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IMF plans to discuss loan with Central African Republic

 interim president Catherine Samba-Panza took office with a plea for militia to lay down their arms. Photo©ReutersThe International Monetary Fund plans to discuss a new loan program with the Central African Republic once the security situation allows it, a Fund spokesman said on Thursday.

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Guinea's legislative poll conflict

critics say voting was flawed. Photo©EMILLIE REGNiER FOR JAVoting irregularities are under scrutiny as the country awaits Matoto results.

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Kenya vs ICC: An inconvenient truth

Witness 536 was a pixelated figure on the live-stream feed broadcast on Kenyan TVThe attempts to silence witnesses before the trial of William Ruto and Joshua Sang at the ICC may have caused Kenya more irrevocable damage than the violence itself.

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Somalia: AMISOM seeks to 'mop up' latent Al Shabaab terror threat

AMISOM now boasts over 17,000 potential troops from a pool of African countries including Uganda, Kenya and BurundiA leading figure in the African Union (AU) has claimed that its mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is working more closely with the country's national army (SNA) to eradicate the threat of Al Shabaab.

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Zimbabwe: Mugabe chides MDC bid for election delay

President Robert Mugabe has vowed to go ahead with the July 31 poll/Photo©ReutersThe African Union (AU) is due to hold a special summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Zimbabwe, as tensions rise ahead of elections.

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AU on collision course with Sadc over Zimbabwe elections

Finance minister Tendai Biti has insisted that there is no money for the $130 million electionsThe African Union has dispatched a nine member advance team of election observers to Zimbabwe ahead of polls President Mugabe wants held by July 31.

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African Renaissance: Still an illusion?

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe announced a  $32 bn package for Africa from Japan to assist with infrastructural and human development as well as economic growth on the continent. The announcement was made at the Fifth Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD V); a bilateral summit between the continent's leaders and their Japanese counterpart which has been held every five years since 1993.

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