Ade Ayeyemi

How Nigeria's top tycoons made their fortunes

Between the politicians and the rich, there is considerable overlap. Running a political campaign is extraordinarily expensive in Nigeria, and many a senator is heard complaining, in private, about how much money is needed to buy a seat.

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Africans investing in Africa

Leading the pack – from left to right: Gavin Dalgleish - ILLOVO, Ismaïl Douiri - ATTIJARIWAFA Bank, Ade Ayeyemi - ECOBANK, Tabitha Karanja - Keroche Breweries. Photo©Martin rhodes/Gallo Images/Getty Images; Attijariwafa; Guilhem Alandry Documentography for JA; Noor Khamis/ReutersAfter a day and a half of high-level discussions at an Africa investment conference, Arnold Ekpe, non-executive chairman of financial services holding firm Atlas Mara and former chief executive of Ecobank, sounds slightly exasperated. "African countries are not doing enough for themselves," he says. "I have been going to conferences like this for 20 years. We have to move from talk to action."

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No more shadow-boxing over leadership - Ade Ayeyemi, Group CEO, Ecobank Transnational

Ade Ayeyemi Group chief executive officer, Ecobank Transnational. Photo©Guilhem Alandry/Documentography for TARWith its expanded continental footprint, new investors and a new chief executive, the Togo-based bank is poised for the next step, though there may be global trouble ahead.

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Nedbank: A South African bank building a continental footprint

Photos© All rights reserved Nedbank (#5) is expected to continue its expansion outside South Africa, both organically and through acquisitions, in the next couple of years. Nedbank also looks to grow its South African business, but may find this a challenge because the country's economic growth rate hovers around 2-3%.

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The Nigerians are coming

It was perhaps inevitable given its population mass, and its half-a-trillion dollar economy. The battle-hardened cadre of bankers created by Nigeria's decade of reform-collapse-reform is being picked for the top jobs.

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Banking: Ecobank names Ayeyemi as new CEO

Ade Ayeyemi has been named as CEO of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated. Photo©Screen Shot NTVPan-African bank Ecobank Transnational Incorporated has named Ade Ayeyemi as its new group chief executive, it said on Monday.

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