Algeria's new discoveries may double gas output, says minister

Algeria expects to double its gas production in the next seven to 10 years after making a number of significant oil and gas finds in maturing and new fields, Energy and Mines Minister Youcef Yusfi said on Tuesday.

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Anansi: Government reshuffle - Just what the doctor ordered

Macky Sall - Senegal (Top left),  Goodluck Jonathan - Nigeria (Top right), Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe (Bottom left), Abdelaziz Bouteflika - Algeria (Bottom right). Phtos©ReutersThe ministerial reshuffle is a familiar ruse used by leaders on the ropes who want to catch their breath.

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African Development Bank, AfDB shines a new light on capital flight

See Full Map BelowIn step with new transparency laws in Europe and the US, the AfDB cites three ways to stop the disappearing act.

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Ports: Emerging players seek concession opportunities

DP World’s Doraleh Container terminal in Djibouti/Photo©Vincent Fournier/JADubai's DP World manages ports across the continent, while Chinese financiers are backing a mega-port in Tanzania and other projects in South Africa.

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Film: Radical times for North Africa

Djamila Sahraoui incarnates Algeria in Yema/Photo©ARAMISAlgerian and Moroccan films at FESPACO herald a tough new wave of cinema.

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Algeria's stalling political system

Bouteflika was the major beneficiary of the post-civil-war arrangement/Photo©Anis Belghoul/AP/SIPAThe political class is trying to prepare for a post-Bouteflika era.

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African Unity at 50 years

Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma & Kwame Nkrumah © Photos - MARLENE AWAAD/IP3/AKG-IMAGES/ARCHIVES JA & UN/AP/REUTERSAttendees at the OAU summit in 1963 did not agree on many things, but they united to ensure that all Africans could be free.

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French President, Hollande sets out stall in North Africa

French President Francois Hollande and King Mohammed VI of Morocco/Photo© BERNARD LANGLOIS/AP/SIPAThe president of France hopes to win back the top spot in trade with Rabat (Morocco) and Algiers (Algeria).

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Hannibal: The Maghreb makes another stab at a regional market

Member countries have agreed to contribute $20m each to create a $100m capital base for the UMA's new regional bankCheck the dictionary definition of 'moribund', and you may well find it illustrated by the Union du Maghreb Arabe (UMA).

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Telecoms - A change is in the air (waves)

Telkom workers consider a new career as mime artists/Photo©OBIE OBERHOLZER/FOTOGLORIA-REAThe price war is waning, and telecoms giants are looking to mobile internet and banking for ways to make customers spend more.

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Mali: France embeds in long regional war

French Mirage 2000D jets begin the 12 January bombardment of rebel positions/Photo©RICHARD NICOLAS-NELSON/AP/SIPATwo major challenges will confront the Franco-Malian efforts to regain control of northern Mali from the jihadist fighters who have occupied it for the past year.

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Sofiane Feghouli: from France to Algeria to Afcon - CAN 2013

Sofiane Feghouli/Photo©ReutersLike other international African football players, Sofiane Feghoul first played in the national youth teams of his country of birth, France.

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Mali: An unexpected French move

Photo©ReutersAn unexpected military effort in Northen Mali led by France since Friday has halted the advances of Ansar Dine jihadists in major cities including the capital, Bamako.

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Studio time for Western Sahara refugees

Studio-Live aims to set up studios in five refugee camps and facilities to rent amplifers and microphones cheaply/Photo©Danielle SmithA new project to bring mobile recording studios to Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria aims to boost the music industry and give young musicians a voice.

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Internet freedom on the operating table

Sudan, Algeria, Russia, the UAE and Saudi Arabia want to push for more global control of the internet/Photo©ReutersAre we about to enter an era of regulated internet? The US government is worried that talks taking place this week in Dubai could see the extension of rules designed in the 1980s to regulate telecoms companies, to internet providers.

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New plants strengthen local manufacturing capacity

The new Renault Tangiers plant aims to produce 340,000 vehicles a year by 2014/YANNICK BROSSARD/RENAULTMorocco and Algeria are trying to attract low-cost European operations in order to boost employment and the strength of local suppliers. In Tunisia equipment manufacturers are facing problems of their own.

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Société Générale launches private bank in Africa

Société Générale's private banking subsidiary has appointed a client director for Africa to lead its strategy aimed at entrepreneurs in Nigeria, South Africa and Algeria.

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African Business: A rising force

Photo©GRAEME WILLIAMS/SOUTH-REAMines and oil still dominate the landscape of African capitalism, but new sectors are developing, generating jobs and added value.

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Mali: A negotiation before Military intervention

In March, mutinous soldiers overthrew Mali's democratically elected president, creating a power vacuum/ Photo©ReutersNigeria will send another 700 soldiers to add to its 2,300 troops already deployed in northern Mali in an effort to reclaim the region that was seized by Islamists early this year.

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Why South Africa has more cars but fewer jobs

Car ownership has yet to catch up with the increase in middle-class purchasing power/MUSTAFA OZER/AFPWhile local manufacturers report double-digit sales growth, component suppliers are shedding workers and unions are asking if government subsidies are being used effectively.

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