They have Trump, we got Rhodes and Zuma

Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson has declared that if racist real estate mogul Donald Trump wins the United States presidency he's moving to South Africa. But with the way our exchange rate is going, he could probably just buy us. Of late, our economy has had more ups and downs than Sarah Palin's speeches, and our currency has been slammed along with the rest of the developing world's by China's troubles.

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Banking: BRICS bank, NDB launches in Shanghai

Also known as the BRICS bank, the New Development Bank (NDB), launched on Tuesday, follows soon after the establishment of the China-led Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank (AIIB).

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South Africa's president Zuma calms down under siege judiciary

South African President Jacob Zuma has maintained that his government respects the independence of the judiciary amid concerns over a spate of public attacks of judges by his administration.

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BRICS Summit: South Africa should set tone for FfD Conference in Addis Ababa

With BRICS Summit just days before the Financing for Development Conference, emerging country leaders have a unique opportunity.

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BRICS countries lead global capital flight-report

The BRICS grouping of emerging market nations is leading the flight of illicit capital from the developing world, according to data in a new report released this week.

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BRICS bank stability in line with global interests - China

China cannot be concerned about only itself and must join a development bank being created by emerging market nations as its economy is intertwined with that of the world, the Chinese central bank said on Thursday.

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BRICS to launch New Development Bank next week

China will contribute $41 billion, the bulk of the contingency currency pool. Brazil, India and Russia will chip in $18 billion each and South Africa $5 billion.Leaders of the BRICS nations will launch their long-awaited development bank at a summit next week and decide whether the headquarters should be in Shanghai or New Delhi, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Wednesday.

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Brazil-Africa: Trans-Atlantic ties

2003 was a watershed for Brazil and Africa, when shared sorrows gave way to a shared brighter future. As the FIFA World Cup kicks off, we look at what Africa can learn from Brazil's experiences as a rapidly developing country.

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14th CODESRIA GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Creating African Futures in an Era of Global Transformations: Challenges and Prospects

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa will hold its 14th General Assembly from 15th to 19th December 2014 in Dakar, Senegal under the theme 'Creating African Futures in an Era of Global Transformations: Challenges and Prospects.

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Zimbabwe government seeks economic transformation

Zimbabwe's Cabinet on Tuesday adopted a new five year economic blue print that seeks to transform the southern Africa country's economic fortunes.

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Emerging economies remain strong, pessimism not justified: BRICS

South Africa's Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says that pessimism about the performance of BRICS nations is not justifiedLeading emerging-market nations said on Thursday that the pessimism about their performance is not justified by the fundamentals of economies that continue to drive the global recovery.

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Ethiopia's economy grew 9.7 pct in 2012/13, missing target

Ethiopia, whose biggest export crop is coffee, saw a dip in exports after international prices for coffee declined by about a third during the year under reviewEthiopia's economy grew 9.7 percent in the 2012/13 fiscal year, below the 11 percent initially expected, held back by lower than expected prices for its main exports, a senior government official said on Wednesday.

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Africa: How to compete? Get those containers moving

Photo©FotoliaThe Africa leg of the World economic forum (Wef) hit cape Town on 8-9 May and launched the global competitiveness report.

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South Africa gets tough with Europe and chummy with BRICS

South Africa cemented its new alliances by hosting the BRICS summit in March 2013/Photo©ROGAN WARD/REUTERSSouth Africa's changing diplomatic strategy is well illustrated by its relations with the European Union (EU) on the one hand and the emerging markets BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China) club on the other.

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South Africa's handshake diplomacy

All smiles for the camera... President Zuma meets President Kabila of DRC in Kinshasa/Photo©ELMOND-JIYANE/DRC GOVERNMENT/AFPFrom hosting the world's top emerging powers to enforcing the Rwanda/DRC peace agreement and monitoring elections in Zimbabwe, South Africa is looking good on the world stage. But critics from within say Pretoria's diplomacy has lost its way.

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BRICS: What can India and Brazil bring to African agriculture?

Mohit Arora, head of agriculture in Africa for South Africa's Standard BankOn the sidelines of the recent BRICS summit in Durban, Mohit Arora, head of agriculture in Africa for South Africa's Standard Bank, told The Africa Report that India and Brazil provide a good template to lift up rural populations in Africa.

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Polls test Kenya's diplomatic mettle

Jubilant supporters of the Jubilee Alliance after Kenyatta’s win was announced on 8 March/Photo©BEN CURTIS/AP/SIPAAfter a close and disputed election victory, Kenyatta's team turns towards the BRICS to bolster its position.

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Brics bank deal at a standstill

South African President Jacob Zuma says BRICS is a credible and constructive grouping/Photo©ReutersBRICS countries have agreed to open "formal negotiations" to establish their own development bank to rival the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

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BRICS: United they stand?

Smiles all round at last year’s BRICS summit, but the climate may be cooler this time in Durban/Photo©SAURABH DAS/AP/SIPAAs Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) prepared for the BRICS summit in Durban on 26-27 March, policy makers called for African countries to create a united front and demand more from their trading partners.

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Mozambique's poor infrastructure slows coal exports

Beira port is the main gateway for coal exports/Photo©GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFPBRIC countries need coking coal and Mozambique has it aplenty, but only a massive investment in the rail and port infrastructure will enable it to meet the demand.

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