Papa Wemba: A rumba ambassador with an angelic voice

The late Papa Wemba ©STR/AFPPopular singer Papa Wemba woke the world up to the urban sounds of Kinshasa and spawned the flamboyant dress style known as 'la sape'. The story of Papa Wemba's journey to superstardom reads like something from a work of fiction.

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Belgian and Zimbabwean shot in land protest in Sierra Leone

File photo©Jeune AfriqueA Belgian and a Zimbabwean working for international agribusiness company Socfin Group have been shot during a protest over land rights in Sierra Leone, police said on Saturday.

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Author profile: In Koli Jean Bofane - Witch's brew

In Koli Jean Bofane, author. Photo©Pauline Beugnies/Out Of Focus for JAThe Congolese author has wielded both gun and pen in his eventful life. In his latest novel he draws the DRC's excesses into a heady concoction of humour and horror.

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Nigeria: Exporters seek non-oil exports, find market for charcoal

File Photo©ReutersNigerian exporters seeking to diversify the country's exports have found easy to light, long-lasting charcoal lucrative, reporting increased demand from Belgium, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom.

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DRC's Jeannine Mabunda Lioko: A lady of substantial assets

Jeannine Mabunda Lioko/Photo©All Rights ReservedJeannine Mabunda Lioko has been one of the most influential women in the economic sphere and has built up a sizeable network of contacts.

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Ghana considers timber imports as industry declines

Falling volumes of timber in Ghana, coupled with rise in illegal lumbering, has compelled the former net timber exporter to now import to augment demands of the industry.

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Omar Diop's glamour from the kitchen

Food sacks and dishcloths are turned into high fashion by Omar Victor Diop’s lens/Photo©OMAR VICTOR DIOPThe Senegalese photographer's Fashion 2112 collection tricks us into taking 
a new look at trash. This summer it traveled to Europe.

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Ethiopia: 10 000 volunteers for Meles' funeral

One million people are expected to attend the late Ethiopian Prime Minister's funeralAbout 10 000 volunteers will be deployed to coordinate the funeral of late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Sunday.

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