Bosco Ntaganda

Opinion: Paul Kagame and the fate of the Great Lakes region

President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame/Photo©ReutersThe tectonic plates in Africa's great lakes region appear to be shifting.

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ICC's Fatou Bensouda soldiers on

ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda recently announced that she would not drop charges against Kenya's president-elect and his deputyInternational Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda's hands are full. After Congolese rebel Bosco Ntaganda's appearance before the court, Bensouda says she does not intend to drop charges against Kenya's President and his deputy.

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Coming trial of Rwanda's "terminator" may embarrass Great Lakes leaders and UN

Bosco Ntaganda attends rebel commander Sultani Makenga's wedding in Goma December 27, 2009. Picture taken December 27, 2009©ReutersWhy did Bosco Ntaganda, the Rwandan militia leader wanted on war crime charges, decide to walk into the US Embassy in Kigali on 18 March and surrender?  Was it simply that Ntaganda had no where left to go?

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Rebel in-fighting drama plagues Congo talks

Photo©ReutersThe Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government and M23 rebels are battling to reach a peace accord, as the deadline for an agreement approaches.

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Peace deal to break Great Lakes' conflict pattern

UN Secretary-General who attended the signing ceremony hailed the framework saying it marked a new milestone/Photo©ReutersA peace, security and cooperation framework agreement for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes region was signed in Ethiopia at the weekend raising hopes of a return to peace in the region. 

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Doublethink in DRC: Kabila and Kagame at the AU

President Kagame's defence minister and senior intelligence officials were accused, in an investigation presented to the UN Security Council in June, of arming and supporting the M23 rebels/Photo/ReutersThe DRC's President Joseph Kabila walked the gauntlet of journalists, then Rwanda's Paul Kagame followed 50 paces behind. Neither leader acknowledged the other.

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