Climate Change: Africa bites the dust in Lima

The Lima text was accepted by all parties - after the Africa group was conveniently excluded from consultations on a particular version of the text - even though it did not adequately address key issues that deadlocked the talks and the entire course of the discussion on the Durban Platform.

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Climate Change: Developing countries and the elusive funds

While diverging finance priorities among countries call for convergence among proposals to allow for a Lima draft of the 2015 agreement, ahead of the Paris conference, the real question is whether tedious processes to access climate funds will benefit developing country institutions?

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Climate Change: It's important that Africa does not pay the price

This week is when it is hoped that there may be some progress on some of the more contentious issues in the high level segment of the climate negotiations in Lima.

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Climate Change: Re-adapting agriculture

Predictions abound regarding the many ways in which climate change will affect life around the world, and in the grim contest over who will suffer the most, the people of sub-Saharan Africa may come out on top.

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Climate Change: Finance commitments not optional for Africa

Photo©ReutersGlobal temperatures are likely to be the highest on record this year. The phenomenon will emphasise the need for a sound adaptation foundation in developing countries to be backed by the support promised under the climate convention.

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Climate Change: Funding uncertainties and different definitions

On Thursday, the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF)* presented its report on finance flows at the Climate COP20**. While there are still some uncertainties around the real amounts, the total climate finance can be estimated between $340 and $650 billion per year.

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Climate Change: Equity, the sticking point in Lima

Photo©ReutersDecisions in Lima on many of issues will determine whether the new climate agreement in discussion will have the backbone to keep global warming within a manageable range. And with equity seeking its place at the negotiating table, the tone is now set for global action on climate change from 2020.

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Climate Change: A better chance in Lima

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Minister of Environment, Peru, has a demanding task ahead of him. Photo courtesy©ANDINA/Oscar FarjeWith pressure on to avoid a non agreement in Paris next year, the Lima climate conference starts with apprehension, tension, and also some sense of optimism from some sectors.

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