Energy: Cameroon's $1 billion hydroelectric dam expected by 2020

File Photo©Charlie Riedel/AP/SIPAA $1 billion hydroelectric dam planned for Cameroon's Nachtigal River will be ready by 2020, adding over 30 percent to the country's hydropower capacity, the minister of water and energy said on Thursday.

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AU elects Dlamini-Zuma's successor

Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma, African Union Commission Chairperson. Photo©Salvatore Di Nolfi/AP/SIPAAfrican leaders are set to elect the next chairperson of the African Union Commission during their meeting in Kigali, Rwanda from July 10 to 18.

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Translating SDGs into African languages

Ntiokam Divine. Photo©Africa RenewalAs Ntiokam Divine from Cameroon sees it, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are high-sounding concepts crafted in the specialised parlance of development experts.

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Boko Haram suffer huge setback in Cameroon raid

File Photo©ReutersExtreme Islamists militants, Boko Haram have suffered severe setback and losses at the hands of the Cameroonian army, after a raid on its stronghold in northeastern Nigeria claimed the lives of over 150 militants.

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Across Africa, a people's 2016 manifesto

From Cape Town to Casablanca, The Africa Report took the continent's temperature, talking to everyone from shoe sellers to politicians and financiers to identify their policy priorities and what issues they want to see making headlines in 2016.

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More bills than thrills for Africa's middle class

Last of the big spenders: say goodbye to the middle-class myth. Photo©Per-Anders Pettersson/CosmosA new study by Africa-focused distribution company CFAO argues that Africa's middle classes are smaller, more conservative and more fragile than others have claimed.

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Telcoms: Orange and MTN owe about 100 billion CFA in taxes to Cameroon

File photo©ReutersThe local units of Orange and MTN owe Cameroon nearly 100 billion CFA francs ($166 million) in unpaid taxes, including on games, the Central African nation's corruption board said on Wednesday.

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Low oil prices and security threats haunt central African region

IMF chief, Christine Lagarde says the prolonged slump in oil prices presents a new reality for CEMAC. Photo©ReutersTighter public spending, economic diversification and greater regional trade are needed to spur growth in central Africa that has been hampered by plunging oil prices and security threats, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Friday.

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Technology: Qelasy tablets target the Francophone education market

Photos© All rights reservedBy the end of 2016, businessman Thierry N'Doufou hopes that around 20,000 children across Africa will have one of his Qelasy tablets in their backpacks.

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Cameroon: Hunger, anger and fear

Photos© Xinhua news agencyFresh Boko Haram attacks in the north exacerbate food insecurity

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Cameroon Country Profile 2015: Promises and Passivity

altWith Boko Haram and the impact of the war in Central African Republic (CAR) proving the largest threats on the domestic front President Paul Biya's government is trying to deliver on its promises as the country moves into 2015 with few Millennium Development Goals achieved.

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Trend hunter: Cinema on the go

Photos© All rights reservedIt's 6pm in Biyem-Assi – a neighbourhood of Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé – and the sun is slowly setting, leaving behind a greying blue sky. As twilight nears, a crowd gathers on a sports ground.

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Banking's uneven development in Cameroon

Photos© All rights reserved Banks are readily lending to government and multinational firms, but neglecting the retail and small-business sectors. Critics say there is much to do to improve governance and pull in the unbanked

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Investment: Kellogg to spend $450 million to expand in Africa

Photo©ReutersKellogg Co is setting up a joint venture with the African arm of Singapore's Tolaram Group to bolster its breakfast and snack food offerings in West Africa.

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Cameroon: Soldiers not paid for service with the UN

File photo©ReutersCameroon soldiers who were part of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic (CAR) have taken to the streets in the capital Yaoundé demanding unpaid salaries.

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Cameroon's hopes on hold

altThe majority of Cameroon's population is under 18, and many of them feel that the deck is stacked against them.

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Cameroon's culture of indifference

Illustration©GlezAfter the interminable rows and fighting in Cameroonian football, people are now tearing each other apart over culture.

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Cameroon's new wells, new gas and rising production

Victoria Oil & gas completed its pipelines to Bassa and logbaba power plants in March 2015. Photo©Victoria oil and GasPlans are afoot for a new oil refinery and a floating natural gas plant, but operators still worry about low oil prices and conflict in Cameroon's northern regions.

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Hip hop, war and politics in Cameroon

Photo©237hiphop.com/ Victor Zebaze/Evan Schneider/UNWhile there are few changes in Cameroon's entrenched power and military structure, rappers are using their fame to highlight the country's problems.

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Manufacturing: Dangote's ever-widening network of African production

Photo©ReutersCatching older European rivals like lafarge and Heidelberg Cement on the hop – both are now desperately scrambling to invest in african production – Dangote Cement has the continent in its sights.

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