Cape Town

Innovation in technology changing development in Africa

Photo©ReutersAfrica's technology experts, decision makers and innovators are gathering in Cape Town this week to look at the growth areas of technology on the continent.

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Black hawker down: reflections on Africa’s possible urban futures

altFour contenders are vying for ownership of Africa's urban spaces: the international financial system, the operators of the informal economy, the new elite still holding on to the post-colonial dream of building shiny new metropolises, and Mother Nature.

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Travel: Cape Town, a town less ordinary

Magnificent Cape town, lined with beaches, marked by its struggle and boasting a vibrant cultural and food scene, is the venue for May's World economic Forum on Africa Cape Town is well-known for its tourism and is one of the most visited cities in Africa.

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South Africa's Stellenbosch mafia

Photo©Entrepreneur Magazine, Ed O’riley; Danielle Karallis/Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty; Raymond Preston/Sunday Times/Gallo Images/Getty; Nasief Manie/Foto24/Gallo Images/GettyUnder fire from the Economic Freedom Fighters and others, the Afrikaner stronghold's billionaire power brokers argue that they are committed to black economic empowerment. The new faces at the table may look the part, but are they being served the choicest slice of the pie?

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South Africa ready for African soccer fans

File photo©ReutersSouth African soccer officials are rolling out the red carpet for soccer teams and African visitors for the African Nations Championship 2014 (Chan) tournament that kicks off on Saturday.

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Africa in 2014: African design, innovation on the global stage

Photo©www.danienel.co.za/indigi designAs the first African city to be named a World Design Capital, Cape Town will be showcasing its talent in 2014.

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Africa: How to compete? Get those containers moving

Photo©FotoliaThe Africa leg of the World economic forum (Wef) hit cape Town on 8-9 May and launched the global competitiveness report.

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Pan-Africanism is more important than ever - Dlamini-Zuma

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma/Photo©Nicolas Marques/Krimages PresseThe continent cannot wait until the African standby force becomes operational in 2015 to be able to resolve conflicts like Mali, says the AU Commission chair. Inequality – at the root of these crises – must also be addressed.

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Hannibal: The joys and perils of the conference circuit

Africa Union Conference/Photo©ReutersHannibal is weary even before Africa conference season begins.

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The connection between policing and crime in South Africa

Civil societies must campaign for a reversal of the disastrous militarisation of the police/Photo©ReutersThe first duty of any state is, as any student of Political Science will tell you, to ensure the security of its citizens. There is no doubt that South African is failing in this regard.

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South Africa's DA isn't even remotely a white party any more - Mazibuko

Lindiwe Mazibuko Parliamentary leader, Democratic Alliance, South Africa/Photo©KEVIN SUTHERLAND/SUNDAY TIMES/GALLO IMAGES/GETTYThe young parliamentary leader of the Democratic Alliance is taking the fight to Jacob Zuma and the ANC government. She believes it's only a matter of time before the ANC vote drops below 50 percent.

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Samsung to unveil Galaxy SIV in New York

Samsung will on announce details about its Galaxy S IV smart phone ending months of speculation surrounding the gadget.

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South Africa in Africa: Your hinterland is there

Photo©ReutersThe idea of the African continent as South Africa's hinterland was reborn in a new form under the ANC. Reversing apartheid's legacy, the country has strived to be a continental peacekeeper, while its banks, retailers, telecoms, food and mining companies have struck out for expansion in the fast-growing economies of its African neighbours.

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Faith Diaries: Feeling incapacitated

About a month ago, I was feeling totally incapacitated emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically. 

Nothing worked, I was alienated from my body and it's because I was now severely reacting to the yet again hopefully the last TB medication of the initial phase, RIFAFOUR.

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