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Posted on Friday, 13 December 2013 16:22

Nelson Mandela: A man for all ages

William Manful

Once a while a human being comes along whose life frames the history of humanity, whose legacy becomes a foundation for a new beginning, whose deeds renew our sense of hope and advance the condition of man.


Nelson Mandela has joined the pantheon of the few whose nobility rests in an unfettered sense of altruism, the kind that replaces hate with love and redefines the principles of a society founded on division and segregation.

He lived neither for himself nor the race that he belonged to but rather for mankind and that is the inspiration inherent to the Madiba saga.

his life will become even more meaningful when his glorious ways become part of our own

His struggle transcended the noble scope of civil liberty, to incorporate social equity and the restoration of human dignity through peaceful co-existence.

These fundamental ideals essential for the international harmony we seek unfortunately continue to elude us.

Let us hope that the death of a political icon will move the world's leaders to strive for a world founded on the principles buried in Mandela's life of sacrifice and dedication.

Today we mourn his passing, tomorrow we must live out his virtues for his life will become even more meaningful when his glorious ways become part of our own, when his mantra of good neighborliness becomes part of the global zeitgeist making evil the subordinate of good.

William Manful

William Manful

William Manful is a human rights advocate committed to the democratization of Africa. He has worked as a contributing columnist for afrik- and talkafrique. He holds degrees in french and spanish as well as international relations from the University of Cambridge. Mr manful also writes on philosophy, sports and cinema. He is currently working for the Government of Ghana.


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