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Posted on Wednesday, 04 July 2012 12:41

African civil society wants governments to promote local mining investment

By Lawrence Quartey

African civil society groups at a recent international conference in Accra called on the continent's governments to shift from being mere regulators to promoters of investments in the mining sector.

African civil society groups have called for the need for linkages within the mining sector and across all sectors of national economiesThey said the governments must make deliberate efforts to support indigenous businesses to take advantage of the opportunities in the mineral extraction sector, which over the years had been dominated by multinationals to the detriment of most countries.

A press statement on Tuesday captured these demands by the groups at the African-wide civil society conference that aimed to improve and deepen knowledge on the African Mining Vision (AMV).

The Third World Network, Africa, an independent international research and advocacy organisation involved in issues of development, hosted the conference that made input and contributions to the business plan of the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC), and the coordination body for the implementation of decisions towards the realisation of the mining vision.

Fifty participants drawn from representatives of African civil society networks, coalitions and social constituencies from labour movements, mining affected groups, artisanal and small scale mining organisations, policy officials, and gender groups attended the conference.

The conference discussed a range of issues including, managing and protecting community rights, livelihoods and the environment, artisanal small scale mining and fiscal policies.

Participants said the AMV should be the key driver of all industrial policies in African countries and all political leaders should commit to its implementation.

The conference also calls for the formulation and implementation of public policy on artisanal and small scale mining in order for it to play a central role in the transformative process, he said.

It notes that various agreements - multilateral and bilateral that African countries have either signed or contemplating signing could pose a threat to the reform agenda, especially the Economic Partnership Agreement.

It also calls for the need for linkages within the mining sector and across all sectors of national economies.

The AMV formulated by African nations puts the continent's long term and broad development objectives at the heart of all policy making concerned with mineral extraction. It sets out how mining can be used to drive continental development.

African Heads of State at the February 2009 AU summit adopted the AMV.

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