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Posted on Thursday, 04 July 2013 16:22

Telecoms: Zimbabwe's TelOne in expansion bid

By Janet Shoko

Photo©ReutersZimbabwe's only fixed telephone service, TelOne seeks $30 million to bankroll its re-capitalisation programme, meant to upgrade its old infrastructure.


TelOne, compared to other players in the sector, has the smallest subscriber base of 470 000 lines.

Despite offering the cheapest services, the usage of fixed lines is much lower than mobile services.

Managing director, Chipo Mutasa said the firm will require three years to complete its re-capitalisation projects.

"Our infrastructure is aging. We need to upgrade it. We need $30 million to kickstart some of the projects," she said.

Mutasa said the company was expanding its asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) project, but could not divulge further detail as it was still work in progress.

She said TelOne plans to complete nine backbone fibre optic rings nationwide to offer diversity routing and for restoration purposes ensuring 100 percent link availability.

Mutasa said the challenges that were being faced in the fibre optic cable work included intense competition in the development of backbones at the expense of quality service, lack of synchronisation of investments with some routes being over-invested and others under-invested.

"The country's limited resources are used to duplicate investment on assets which can be shared, therefore, there is need for clarity on policy for infrastructure sharing," she said.

"We have 470 000 fixed landlines and our subscribers are half a million."

TelOne is Zimbabwe's sole fixed landline services provider and has a wide network distribution with infrastructure in almost every corner of this country.

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