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Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire's new wager

Presidents next door Ouattara and Mahama. Photo©ISSOUF SANOGO/AFPWhile a previous generation of political leaders bet on which country's economic model would triumph, a new one is putting its money down in support of regional cooperation and integration.

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Ghana-Agriculture Peace, love and cocoa

Photo©ReutersWith the return to stability in Côte d'Ivoire cocoa smuggling is down, but that's not the only reason Ghana's producing less.

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Finance: Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire's divergent paths

A number of foreign banks, like Ecobank, have a presence in both Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Photo©Olivier for JACôte d'Ivoire faces the challenge of helping turn around troubled state-owned banks; meanwhile, Ghana's financial institutions are coping with tougher times.

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Côte d'Ivoire seeks $7 bn for development plan

Photo©Emrah Gurel/AP/SIPACôte d'Ivoire will seek to raise 4.425 trillion CFA francs ($7.65 billion) during a meeting with donor partners next month to help fund an ambitious 5-year development programme, the government's spokesman said on Wednesday.

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Electricity: Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire's cooperation to fight crises

Akosombo Dam on Lake Volta, Ghana. Côte d’Ivoire has been exporting power to its neighbor. Photo©Alessandro DacostaJoint projects could help boost regional interconnectivity and allow Ghana to meet production shortfalls until its new projects come on line.

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Antiquities: The long road home

Potential buyers come face to face with ancestral art at a pre-sale exhibition at Drouot in Paris. Photo©MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFPThe continued contentious trade of Africa's cultural heritage puts Western museums and galleries under fire as African collectors fight back.

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More bills than thrills for Africa's middle class

Last of the big spenders: say goodbye to the middle-class myth. Photo©Per-Anders Pettersson/CosmosA new study by Africa-focused distribution company CFAO argues that Africa's middle classes are smaller, more conservative and more fragile than others have claimed.

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Technology: Qelasy tablets target the Francophone education market

Photos© All rights reservedBy the end of 2016, businessman Thierry N'Doufou hopes that around 20,000 children across Africa will have one of his Qelasy tablets in their backpacks.

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Cote D'Ivoire Country Profile 2015: Polls test the post-conflict peace

altLess than a year before next presidential election – the first one since the 2010 turmoil – Côte d'Ivoire presents a contrasting picture: while the economy is booming, particularly thanks to public investment in infrastructure projects, reconciliation is more rhetoric than reality.

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Democracy: Vote and vote again but forget the term limits

altBack in January, 2015 was being hyped as the year of African elections – not because of any great democratic dispensation but because of the neatness of the five in 2015 coinciding with the end of one term of office or another.

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Lost negatives bring back the Ivorian miracle

Photo©Paul KodjoOne man's quest to rescue the work of photographer Paul Kodjo reveals the importance of archiving and documenting the continent's post-independence history

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Are you talking to me?

Photos© All rights reserved A photographer – one who found himself accidentally on purpose at the back of a room booked by South Africa's delegation at the AU's Addis Ababa headquarters in January 2012 – emerged with an instructive vignette about regional relations.

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Côte d’Ivoire’s grind hits a bump

Photos© Philippe Guionie/MYOP for TARProcessors say the government must offer incentives if it wants to increase local grinding to 50% of the cocoa crop. An announcement is expected in November

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Morocco: A battle royale

Photos© illustration by Séverin MilletThree Moroccan banks – one part owned by a royal holding company – have led an expansion charge into sub-Saharan Africa. Now, they have changed tack, seeking slower growth and consolidation

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Manufacturing: Dangote's ever-widening network of African production

Photo©ReutersCatching older European rivals like lafarge and Heidelberg Cement on the hop – both are now desperately scrambling to invest in african production – Dangote Cement has the continent in its sights.

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Mining: dealing in the downturn

Everyone knew the gold price bonanza would not be a bottomless lake – and now it’s sink or swim. Photo©AlamyThe dramatic fall in the gold price has exposed just how many miners did not save enough during the boom years. They are now looking to sell off non-essential assets, while new tax regimes and community activism add to their pressures.

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Ghana's emerging industry faces tough tests

Tullow has nearly a 50% stake in the offshore TEN project, which is in a disputed region. Photo©TullowGhana is suffering from a precipitous drop in oil prices, delays to the gas processing plant and a maritime border dispute.

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Ecowas: The next forty years

Biometric identity cards will replace the current document for visa-free travel in ECOWAS. Photo©Thierry Gouegnon / ReutersAs the West African regional body celebrates 40 years in May, The Africa Report looks at integration on the ground and what the next four decades could hold.

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Best and worst of Afcon 2015 tournament

Ivory Coast celebrates Afcon 2015 victory. Photo©Taimour LayAfter 32 games over 23 days, AFCON 2015 ended in Bata on Sunday with an emotional win for Ivory Coast over Ghana. Taimour Lay presents his highs and lows of the tournament.

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Afcon 2015 Final: Côte d'Ivoire end their long wait

 Ivory Coast's Yata Touré kisses his team mate and goal keeper, Boubacar Barry. Photo©Taimour Lay

After a goalless extra time at the 2015 African Cup of Nations finals, Les Elephants on Sunday unsettled Ghana's Black Stars with a sensational 9-8 penalty shootout victory.

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