UNHCR lacks funds to tackle South Sudan refugee overcrowding

File photo©Rebecca Blackwell/AP/SIPAThe United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has bemoaned the lack of funds to manage the ever increasing numbers of South Sudan refugees to neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Papa Wemba: A rumba ambassador with an angelic voice

The late Papa Wemba ©STR/AFPPopular singer Papa Wemba woke the world up to the urban sounds of Kinshasa and spawned the flamboyant dress style known as 'la sape'. The story of Papa Wemba's journey to superstardom reads like something from a work of fiction.

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DRC to repay VAT to mining companies

The KCD open pit gold mine at the Kibali mining site in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo© REUTERS/Pete JonesDemocratic Republic of Congo will pay some $700 million in value-added tax reimbursements owed to mining companies and suspend VAT on their imports, the finance minister said on Friday.

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Translating SDGs into African languages

Ntiokam Divine. Photo©Africa RenewalAs Ntiokam Divine from Cameroon sees it, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are high-sounding concepts crafted in the specialised parlance of development experts.

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DRC's rebel stalemate

With the surrender of M23 in 2013, the vacuum has been filled by dozens of other armed groups. Photo©James Akena/ReutersAn estimated 70 militia groups are active in eastern DRC, with a spate of clashes in recent months. As the tally of displaced people rises, UN and government forces seem unable to shift the balance of power.

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DRC mining sector sheds 3,000 direct jobs since 2015

Photo©Themba Hadebe/AP/SIPADemocratic Republic of Congo's mining sector has lost at least 3,000 direct and 10,000 subcontractor jobs since commodity prices began to tumble last year, the chamber of mines said on Tuesday.

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A mining code you can live by in DRC

Banro, owner of the Twangiza mine, is keen to retain the status quo. Photo©Philip MostertReforms of mining legislation have stalled once again after an angry reaction by companies who say taxes are still too high while commodity prices are low.

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Uganda police says DRC army ambushed and shot officers

A diplomatic wrangle is looming between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo after Ugandan authorities accused soldiers from the neighbouring country of gunning down police officers who were on patrol along Lake Albert.

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Energy: Congo to select developer for Inga 3 hydropower plant by October

File photo©Cheng Min/AP/SIPADemocratic Republic of Congo will decide by October between a Chinese and Spanish consortium to develop the long-delayed Inga 3 hydroelectric project with construction expected to begin the following June, a government official said on Tuesday.

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Trade begins at home

Trucks wait at to cross the border into Zambia at Kasumbalesa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo©Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JAAfrican countries can boost growth by cutting tariffs and removing "soft" barriers to trade, while still supporting their industries without completely protecting them.

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DRC proposes slashing 2016 budget by 22%

File photo©ReutersDemocratic Republic of Congo's government is proposing slashing its budget for 2016 by 22 percent, in large part due to lower global metals prices, according to a revised budget to be presented to parliament.

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Africans support vibrant media, survey shows

In a new trend this year, several governments cut off social media during elections. Photo©ReutersThe main findings released on World Press Freedom showed that a majority of African citizens supported the media's "watchdog" role, saw the media as effective in revealing government mistakes and corruption, and affirmed that journalists "rarely" or "never" abuse their freedom by publishing lies.

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Oil & Gas: Uganda receives seven bids in oil exploration licence round

Uganda has received seven bids for six oil exploration blocks offered in a licensing round and it plans to chose the winners and sign deals by the end of June, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development said on Wednesday.

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Mining: End of the supercycle

Photo©Charles O’rear/COrbisMany commodity prices have dropped since 2014 and companies are scrambling to deal with the aftermath and plot a path to long-term growth in African mining projects.

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Mining: Randgold checks electric storm blackouts at DRC mine

Mark Bristow, Chief Executive - Randgold ResourcesMining in Democratic Republic of Congo has many challenges and as Randgold Resources developed its Kibali gold mine in the north-east of the central African nation, it came across an unexpected one: the weather.

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Plentiful polls across Africa in 2016, as old guard hold on to power at all costs

GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFPThe year 2015 hosted a bumper crop of high-stakes elections, and 2016 brings more of the same. A major trend involves presidents seeking to hold on to power for as long as possible by almost any means necessary.

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Zimbabwe's capital Harare plans diamond bourse

File photo©ReutersZimbabwe is planning an ambitious international diamond bourse expected to attract traders from all over the world, as the southern African nation hopes to harness the mineral's revenue in an effort to shore up its faltering economy.

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Mining: DRC delays ban on copper and cobalt concentrate exports

File photo©ReutersDemocratic Republic of Congo has again delayed a ban on exports of copper and cobalt concentrate because it lacks enough electricity to process the minerals domestically, the mines ministry and chamber of mines said on Tuesday.

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DRC bishops tone down Kabila criticism

Democratic Republic of Congo's clergy has toned down its opposition to changes in the country's electoral calendar, which critics say is meant to help extend President Joseph Kabila to extend his tenure beyond constitutional limits.

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DRC in 2016: The Kabila enigma continues

Joseph Kabila, DRC president. Photo©ReutersDemocratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila is an enigma.

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