Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC Country Profile 2015: Presidential wait-and-see

altPresident Joseph Kabila celebrates his 14th anniversary as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on 26 January 2015.

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Democratic Republic of Congo: The Kabila legacy

Photos© Stephane de Sakutin/AFPWith little more than a year left before President Kabila is due to step down, The Africa Report looks into where he has kept his promises and where they have fallen down. One issue remains unclear: whether he will strengthen Congolese democracy or join the ranks of presidents seeking to stay in power at all costs

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Banking on the little guy

Photos© Baudouin Mouanda for TARPayroll reform for public sector workers has produced an additional 1.2m accounts. Now banks are looking at viable ways to offer their new customers credit

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Mining: A Golden Voyage

The Africa Report traces the typical route that a gram of gold takes from an artisanal mine in eastern DRC, via refining in Dubai to a wedding ceremony in India

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DRC's new oil code to enforce steep taxes and bigger state role

Photo©ReutersDemocratic Republic of Congo's parliament last month adopted a new hydrocarbons code that seeks to impose a steep capital gains tax on companies and increase the state's role in the sector.

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6 people to watch in Central Africa in 2014

Nelida Karr (left), Dieudonné Nzapalainga (top left), Joshua Osih (bottom left), Albert Yuma (top right), Bédoumra Kordjé (bottom right), Serge Thierry Mickoto (right) The Central African sub-region's 2014 people to watch list sees the emergence of new faces as well as some established names from six countries.

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DRC Drones to testing the waters for future UN missions

File Photo©ReutersDrone-supported intelligence gathering in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a prototype of future United Nations security missions, experts have said.

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Zambia-Tanzania copper railway shut after accident

The Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority has suspended the transportation of freight and passengers between the two countries for at least week after an accident dislocated a rail line, a company spokesman said on Wednesday.

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Uganda-led peace deal between DRC and M23 stalls

A peace deal between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the M23 Movement stalled Monday after government representatives refused to enter the conference room where the treaty was to be signed.

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Thousands flee DRC rebels, flock to Uganda

File Photo©ReutersOver 4000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly women and children have fled to Uganda's north western district of Koboko following attacks by rebel forces.

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DRC defeating the M23 rebellion

The Democratic Republic of Congo's is on the verge of defeating one of the most brutal rebel groups, ending a 20-month uprising which has displaced tens of thousands of people, UN observers have said.

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DRC's rising and setting stars

Jaynet Kabila (1), Jean- Claude Masangu (2), Koffi Olomide (3). Photos ©junior D. kannah/afp - vincent fournier/ja - frederique jouvalVeterans find it hard to cede to young contenders in politics, business and music. In the east, new tough guys on the block are flexing their muscles.

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DR Congo and M23 deal threatened

President of Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila Kabila has rejected proposals endorsed by rebel movement, M23The Democratic Republic of Congo has rejected proposals for a blanket amnesty for the commanders of the Tutsi-led rebellion and the reintegration of M23 fighters into the Congolese national army.

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Uganda's unemployed recruited as rebels in DRC

File Photo©ReutersUgandan police have declared that a shadowy network, which was allegedly recruiting unemployed Ugandan youth into rebel groups in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, has been identified.

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DRC: Producing more to import less

Tenke Fungurume Mining has started training local farmers to improve their yields. Photo©LászLó Bencze/TFMCultivated agricultural areas are growing, herds are getting larger and harvests are rising, but this is far from enough to satisfy local markets in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Rwanda, Uganda not DRC's keeper

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni (L) and Rwandan President, Paul Kagame (R) have argued that DRC needs to take care of its own issuesThe Democratic Republic of Congo will get no help from Rwanda and Uganda to restore peace and civility in the volatile nation, the leaders of the two countries have said.

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DRC: Talk is not cheap with Kabila

President Joseph Kabila. Photo©ReutersKabila's consultations delivered an expensive bill but little else, say opposition and donors.

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections are a luxury item - Prime Minister

Prime minister since May 2012, Matata Ponyo sees himself as a reformer: will his pragmatism pay off? Photo©AFPPrime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo Mapon talks candidly to The Africa Report about democracy, the country's recent economic performance and negotiations with the M23 rebels.

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Diplomacy in east Africa: Spokes and Spanners in the DRC wheel

DRC President Joseph Kabila. Photo©ReutersIf Kinshasa has some ugly bones of contention with neighboring states, it is also in negotiation for several joint projects.

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Uganda investigates M23 recruitments

File photo©ReutersUgandan authorities are investigating allegations that Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) rebel-group, M23 is recruiting its nationals for military training.

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