Donald Kaberuka

AfDB banks on the future

As the AfdB flag is raised over Abidjan outgoing president Kaberuka (centre) wonders who will continue his legacy. Photo©SIA KAMBOU/AFPThe African Development Bank (AfDB) will choose its new leader to replace Donald Kaberuka in May. The Africa Report profiles the candidates who want to take the continental institution on paths of continuity or change.

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Powerful state - disciplined market

The upswing in Nigeria tech companies has taken some by surprise. With Konga, Dealdey, iROKOtv and Computer Warehouse Group, the tech space now boasts serious players. And, so the standard thinking goes, they have not relied on government to get there.

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Africa's development: How to get there, fast

Donald Kaberuka, President of African Development BankAfrica needs quality education and a reliable power infrastructure to realise its growth potential, high profile panelists told more than 800 business and political leaders at The Africa CEO Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Finance: Domestic demand and long-term money

Photo©Sven Torfinn/Panos-ReaAfrica has a newfound resilience and attractiveness independent of commodities, and the global context, while tough, is not uniformly negative.

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Zimbabwean eyes AfDB top post

Zimbabwean banker, Zondo Thomas Sakala, the current African Development Bank (AfDB) vice president has cast his eyes on the top post when elections are held in May.

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Running a development bank needs political will - Donald Kaberuka

Donald Kaberuka, head of African Development Bank, AfDB.With African development banks needing money to spend, Donald Kaberuka, AfDB chief, says he would rather see the pools of African savings being invested in low-yielding instruments, and sometimes even outside Africa, invested in local development banks for a good return.

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Two big men take a bow

Now that African leaders have told the EU what they really think about the Economic Partnership Agreements, the battle to replace AfDB chief, Donald Kaberuka is at full throttle. And with Lamido Sanusi out of the picture, there's everything to play for.

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Defence against disorder

It's time for Africa to have a China policy, just as Beijing has an Africa policy. As Ebola cuts a devastating swathe, Africa should push its interests even harder. 

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Funding: Mind the gap

African governments are crucial in sourcing development finance for infrastructure projects. Photo©Carl de Souza/AFPFinding money for transformative investment has always been a struggle in Africa - but now banks and governments are joining forces to mobilise Africa's own resources, and find long-term funds.

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Hannibal - The game of guess

This year's African Development Bank (AfDB) annual general meeting did not only provide a platform to voice the myriad economic challenges facing the continent. Your business insider brings you tit-bits from behind the scenes.

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Triumphs and tragedy

World-weary pundits rapidly revised their narrative of a new Africa in the time of Mandela.

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People aren't borrowing for white elephants - President of African Dev. Bank

Donald Kaberuka President, African Development Bank. Photo©Eric Larrayadieu for Jeune AfriqueThe AfDB [African Development Bank] president is not worried about rising African debt levels and wants to restructure the bank before he steps down from his second term in office in 2015.

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Africa's mild growth is due to a lack of strong decisions - Kaberuka

Donald Kaberuka, AfDB President. Photo©JADespite the effect of the global financial crisis and political instability on the continent, Africa can still continue on its rapid growth trajectory, but it must first address key structural reforms, the head of the African Development Bank (AfDB) said.

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Africa in 2014: Threat of jihadism from West Africa to the Horn

Previously safe spots in West Africa could become vulnerable to radicalisation as emboldened Islamic extremist movements seek to capitalise on socioeconomic factors.

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Hannibal: The joys and perils of the conference circuit

Africa Union Conference/Photo©ReutersHannibal is weary even before Africa conference season begins.

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No mountain of gold for Arab Spring governments

The Arab Spring revolts that overthrew long-standing regimes were triggered by popular outrage that reforms seemed only to benefit a politically connected few. But whilst a $40bn promise has yet to arrive, the African Development Bank - headed by its president Donald Kaberuka, have responded quickly.

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AfDB broadens its commitment

AfDB President, Kaberuka and delegates in session/Courtesy Photo/AfDBThe African Development Bank meetings from 31 May to 2 June were held in Arusha, Tanzania, with an underlying message about the quality of growth on the continent.

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