East Africa

East African providers race to develop new 4G networks

Photo©ReutersKenya had looked likely to be first out of the blocks at bringing high-speed 4G mobile internet connectivity to East Africa, but it has fast been overtaken by its neighbours.

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East Africa move to cleaner fuels to soak up new low-sulphur supplies

Photo@ReuterspetrolstationPlans for five countries in East Africa to adopt cleaner fuel standards in 2015 are likely to help absorb excess low-sulphur oil products coming out of Middle East and Indian refineries, where new capacity is being added, industry sources said.

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China, East African leaders sign up for new rail link

Photo©ReutersEast African leaders and China formally signed agreements on Sunday for the construction of a new multi-billion dollar railway linking the Kenyan port of Mombasa to Nairobi and running on to neighbouring states.

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East Africa's new great oil game

Oil pipelines and regional security are driving the deals on East Africa’s diplomatic chessboard. Image©GlezThe eruption of fighting in South Sudan brought East Africa's political crises into sharp focus at a time of optimism about the region's economic take-off. Undaunted, analysts point to fast-improving transport links and new oil and gas discoveries.

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East Africans in South Sudan employment directive protest

South Sudan Vice President James Wani Igga South Sudan has been heavily criticised by employee organisations and businessmen from East African countries following a government directive to companies to limit the employment of foreigners.

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The strategy behind a Kenyan brand building

Eva Muraya Chief executive, Color Creations Africa, Kenya. Photo©All Rights ReservedEva Muraya, Chief executive of Color Creations Africa in Kenya argues that her group of companies helps multinational and local firms to understand clients and the East African market.

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Ethiopian Airlines - Kenya Airways: Gap widens in East African skies

$1.9bn turnover in 2012 for Ethiopian Airlines and $1.3bn turnover in 2012 for Kenya AirwaysThe top two East African carriers contemplated a merger last year, but Ethiopian thinks its prospects are strong enough for it to fly solo.

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How to nurture our young entrepreneurs

CEO of Mara Group, founder Mara Foundation, Ashish J. Thakkar Both public institutions and private individuals must support young business owners to provide them with the experience, credibility and capital they need, says CEO of Mara Group, founder Mara Foundation, Ashish J. Thakkar.

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Regional implications and Kenyan elections

Trade and security dominated regional calculations over the outcome of the 4 March elections in Kenya, East Africa's largest economy.

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Terrorism fear grips Uganda

Five people, suspected to be potential suicide bombers reportedly sneaked into Uganda triggering fear and panic in the East African nation.

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Uganda police hunts paedophile

Police in the East African country have stepped up a manhunt for a man accused of molesting underage boys.

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Uganda's Yoweri Museveni, a regional heavyweight with feet of clay

Uganda's President Museveni is the only regional leader who can deploy the military without questions/Photo©WALTER ASTRADA /AFPA diplomat for the region and an autocrat on the home front, President Museveni seeks to burnish the country's regional diplomatic credentials and carve out a larger role in East Africa.

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How corporates benefit from Africa's new business deals

There are greater opportunies for Africa to help finance the growth of international firms/Photo©AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE/REUTERSWhen African telecom companies started to emerge in the late 1990s, many scoffed. How could it be, went the general chatter, that Africans have money to spend on telecoms? Several multi-millionaires later, after the historic sale of Mo Ibrahim's Celtel for $3.4bn and the rise of South African giant MTN, investors piled in.

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East Africa budget fairy tales

Elsie Eyakuze is a consultant and columnist living in Dar es Salaam. Further opinions on Tanzanian politics and development can be found on her blog: mikochenireport.blogspot.com/All Rights ReservedAfter a few years of observing East African Budget Day from a writer's couch, I have come to suspect that the crafts of creative writing and public budgeting have a lot in common.

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General Electric top brass moves in

With his asset management background, Jay Ireland is keen to get hands-on with the financing side of deals/Photo©GEAs president and CEO of GE Africa, Jay Ireland is the first senior manager to be based on the continent. He says the company will grow by being flexible.

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Oil and Gas: East Africa’s race to get ready

New gas finds are happening almost monthly in the waters off Tanzania and Mozambique. In June, Statoil and ExxonMobil announced new finds in Tanzania’s Block 2, taking their resource estimates to 253bn m3/ Photo©HEINE MELLKEVIK - STATOILThe reserves already discovered will make East Africa one of the next gas frontiers. Companies are waiting for policymakers to determine priorities and incentives before they can settle on investment plans.

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Uganda: Increasing population rates trigger concern

Map of UgandaUgandan government policy makers have expressed concern over the East African country's high population growth rate saying this will complicate access to services in future.

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Finance: Follow the money

The whispered advice to those doyens of investigative journalism – Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward – that they should 'follow the money' is a useful guide to Africa's prospects.

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A debt burden to develop East Africa - But who really gains?

Map of East AfricaIf there were any fears that East Africa's economic mandarins – still stinging from a year of financial tumult – would return to a regime of fiscal caution to curb inflation and limit the effects of last year's spikes in food and oil prices, they were decisively dispelled when the East African Community's (EAC) five finance ministers delivered their budgets in June.

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi dies

The Late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles ZenawiEthiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has died from an infection while recovering from an undisclosed ailment, state television said on Tuesday.

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