East African Community

Bankers without borders in Kenya

Photos© Sven Torfinn/Panos-ReaA recurrent agenda topic among executives of Kenya's top commercial banks in recent months has become that of bolstering market shares in neighbouring East African economies.

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Project Kenya and the golden jubilee

Photo©Thomas Mukoya/ReutersKenya's golden jubilee independence anniversary celebrations on 12 December this year will be unique in at least one respect.

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Unease in East African Community after Tanzania deportations

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete says Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have held meetings without his country's participation. Photo©ReutersTensions continue to grip the East African Community, as the fallout over Tanzania's deportations of nationals from neighbouring countries, it accuses of being illegal immigrants, continues to deepen.

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Swahili to become East Africa's official language

Swahili is set to become the official language for the East African Community (EAC) and the Uganda government has since ordered that all citizens must learn the language.

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Ugandan MPs oppose South Sudan joining East African community

A diplomatic stand-off is looming, as Ugandan legislators are opposed to South Sudan joining the East African Community (EAC), claiming its citizens are being mistreated in Africa's youngest state.

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Universal education in Burundi: Successes and challenges

Enrolment rates at schools are at an all time high, but challenges remain/ Photo©UNICEF/Pawel KrzysiekOffering free education, making it compulsory and supporting it politically has been the winning strategy behind Burundi's successful bid to ensure that virtually all children get a primary school education. In this interview, UNICEF's representative in Burundi, Johannes Wedenig, expatiates on government's positive role in this development.

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Fixing truck jams in East and West Africa

10% Projected annual growth of the freight business in East Africa for the next five years with 10,000 it is a linear route rather than spread out across the region, you trucks plying longhaul routes in Kenya aloneRegulations, cartels and crumbling infrastructure raise the cost and delivery times of imports and exports across the continent. New railway plans will help to bring more competition to the transport sector.

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A debt burden to develop East Africa - But who really gains?

Map of East AfricaIf there were any fears that East Africa's economic mandarins – still stinging from a year of financial tumult – would return to a regime of fiscal caution to curb inflation and limit the effects of last year's spikes in food and oil prices, they were decisively dispelled when the East African Community's (EAC) five finance ministers delivered their budgets in June.

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East African Community to expand to 8 member states

Map of East AfricaThe membership of the East African Community is to soon expand from five to eight countries, with Africa's newest state, South Sudan being one of the countries expected to join the enlarged regional bloc. 

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Political pieces in the East and Horn of African jigsaw

Map of East and Horn of AfricaOil, electricity and agriculture are set to transform East Africa over the next decade. And in the regional jigsaw, politics, economics and security will fit together more tightly.


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