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Posted on Friday, 09 March 2012 10:51

Museveni wants defilers hanged

By Geof Magga

Ugandan leader, President Yoweri Museveni has suggested that men who commit incest or sleep with underage girls be executed, as they were a menace to society.

Uganda's President Museveni wants sex offenders hanged/Photo/ReutersMuseveni was responding to a women's group that had suggested that men guilty of sex crimes be castrated.

But the president said the punishment should not be just to castrate because that would be tantamount to genital mutilation.

"I do not agree with such men being castrated. I think it is better they are hanged and totally removed from society," Museveni said.

Museveni was speaking on Thursday at national celebrations to mark the International Women's Day held in northern Uganda town of Nebbi 400 kilometres north of Kampala under the theme, "Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures".

Uganda Women's Council chairperson, Rose Najjemba Muyinda in her speech suggested that they wanted that men who committed incest, defiled their underage daughters or young girls be castrated.

The Ugandan president also urged foreign non-governmental organisations advocating sex education to be integrated into the educational system to focus their message on abstinence.

"They teach students to use condoms. I do not agree with them. The best message should be no sex before marriage," he said.

"Foreign NGOs are saying a child can become a wife as long as she uses a condom. This is not the way to counsel our children."

Museveni instead preached that young women should practice abstinence until after marriage.

"Our message to children is put padlocks on their private parts until the time comes to open them when they get husbands. They are not there just to taste sex."

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