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Tanzania: Joseph Sinde Warioba and the Union

By Finnigan wa Simbeye in Dar es Salaam

Joseph Sinde Warioba. Photo©RobertoKanda.blogspot.frJoseph Sinde Warioba, Tanzania's former Prime Minister has fallen foul of President Jakaya Kikwete after surveying what people want from a new constitution. Based on his findings, he proposed a three-tiered government.

Tanzanian governmenTs have often asked former prime minister Joseph Sinde Warioba to dig deep to find the truth only to be dissatisfied that he comes to unpleasant conclusions.

In the latest such endeavour, President Jakaya Kikwete appointed Warioba to lead the 30-man Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) in order to produce a new fundamental law with the approval of the majority of Tanzanians.

Joseph Sinde Warioba
3 September 1940:
 Born in Bunda District
1966: Graduated from the University of East Africa
1976- 1983: Served as Attorney General
1985-1990: President Mkapa's Prime Minister
April 2012: Appointed as president of the Constitutional Review Commission

Warioba's surveys found that the majority of people on the mainland no longer support a two-tiered government – a union government covering Tanganyika and Zanzibar and a separate government for Zanzibar.

Kikwete and his allies in the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi party are trying to scupper the proposal for a three-tiered government that would create an administration just for the mainland.

"The majority of the people interviewed by the commission want a three-tier government," says Warioba.

Warioba has ignored personal attacks by CCM heavyweights led by publicity secretary Nape Nnauye.

"It's not Warioba's opinion nor that of the commission but rather it's the majority of the people interviewed," Warioba repeated in late march in the Constituent Assembly (CA) while presenting the CRC report to the more than 600 members who must approve the draft constitution before a referendum.

"The commission wants to kill the union and that's why it has come up with such a proposal, which has no scientific backing in numbers," Nnauye told reporters after the second draft constitution was presented.

Warioba, who is popularly known as a disciple of independence-era president Julius Nyerere, said the three-tier government is inevitable.

Agraduate in law from the University of East Africa, Warioba led a distinguished career in government serving as Attorney General from 1976 to 1983 and Prime Minister between 1985 and 1990.

Former President Benjamin Mkapa named Warioba as chairman of the Presidential Commission Against Corruption in 1996.

His report haunted Mkapa as critics dared his administration to prosecute people associated with grand corruption.

Warioba led a Commonwealth Observer Group mission in the Nigerian elections in April 2007.

"Our founding fathers left us one country and two governments, but today we have two countries and two governments, which is against the union constitution," Warioba argued as a good number of Constituent Assembly members, including CCM lawmakers, applauded him.

He singled out Zanzibar's unilateral decision to amend its 1984 constitution in 2010, which identified the islands as a sovereign country
with defined boundaries, a national anthem and a flag.

"Many on the mainland feel cheated by this development hence want their Tanganyika government back with a third union government at the top," Warioba explains.

Addressing the CA, Kikwete spent much of his three-hour speech defending the two-tier government.

Arguing that it is easy to address the problems of the two-tier government, Kikwete vowed never to allow the three-tier government during his tenure in office, which comes to an end in October 2015.

He argued that a union government in a three-tier system will be powerless because it will have no resources.

The CRC's mandate ended in the last week of March, so it is now for the CA to deal with Warioba's findings. ●


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