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Posted on Wednesday, 02 November 2011 17:44

Uganda MP says anti gay bill must be debated

By Geof Magga

Ugandan Member of Parliament, David Bahati, widely credited with having drafted the controversial Anti-homosexuality Bill, has said that he will continue pushing for the enactment of the disputed law despite pressure from donor countries.

Map of Uganda

Donor countries including Britain are threatening to cut aid if the Bill is passed into law.

Responding to media reports which indicated that British Prime Minister, David Cameroon had warned that his country would cut aid to countries which harass homosexuals, Bahati told journalists in Kampala that Uganda could forfeit British aid but keep its integrity by opposing homosexuality.

"We have to ensure that we protect our children from homosexuality. We cannot allow homosexuality simply because we get about 100 billion Uganda shillings annually as aid from Britain," he charged.

"It is a substantial amount of aid but that cannot make us go against what we feel is right for our people."

The maverick MP said Uganda had oil reserves, which will soon be exploited and proceeds from the sale of fuel could be a substitute to aid from donor countries that wanted to attach their aid to homosexuality.

"The threat by British Prime Minister David William Donald Cameron to cut aid for all countries opposed to homosexuality does not hold water and will not stop Uganda from making its legislation to protect future generations," he said.

Meanwhile, Thomas Maaka, a gay rights activist in Kampala has said that it was unfortunate that Bahati was insisting on going ahead with the Bill.

"The anti gay bill is barbaric and should be thrown in dust-bin. It does not fit in modern world," Maaka said.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 November 2011 18:42

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