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Posted on Monday, 10 December 2012 16:49

Uganda police hunts paedophile

Police in the East African country have stepped up a manhunt for a man accused of molesting underage boys.

"Following recent media reports of a one Chris Mubiru who is alleged to have been sexually abusing minors, [the] government of Uganda wishes to condemn such acts in the strongest terms possible," government spokesman, Fred Oplt said in a statement Monday.

Police and several media outlets claimed they had several videos showing Mubiru luring the minors into sexual acts.

If arrested Mubiru is likely to be charged with defilement, a crime punishable by up to 18 years.

The government was on Monday appealed to the members of the public who have evidence regarding the allegations to come forward.

Despite opening a case, police fear Mubiru slipped out of the country Saturday morning aboard a Turkish Airlines flight bound either for Canada or the United States.

Opolot said the police had sent a request to Interpol to arrest Mubiru and hand him over for further interrogation.

Popular tabloid, Red Pepper has since last week been running stories and photos of the man whom they describe as gay and was sodomising young boys.

Homosexuality in Uganda is a capital offence, which can lead to imprisonment for more than 10 years if found guilty, yet efforts are being made to come up with even tougher punishments.

Recently, homosexuality has been a thorny issue, with a legislator working on a bill to pass tougher sentences on those accused of the act.

Lawmakers in the east African country have dropped the bill's original language that proposed death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality", in which homosexuals have sex with minors (paedophilia) or when HIV-infected homosexuals have sex with children or the disabled.

The bill received negative criticism from donor countries and international human rights organisations when it was first mooted in 2009.

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