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Posted on Wednesday, 30 October 2013 14:01

Uganda's President struggling to deliver on electoral promises

By Godfrey Olukya

Uganda's President Museveni has been accused of not delivering on his electoral promisesUganda President Yoweri Museveni's party is struggling to fulfill the promises it made ahead of the 2011 general elections, an evaluation by civil society has shown.

According to research by the Uganda Government Monitoring Platform, Museveni's government has not delivered on most of the promises his party made in the last election.


The report titled: "A citizens' midterm audit of the NRM government in its fourth term" says out of the 50 commitments that were evaluated, only 17 were being fulfilled.

We hope that the NRM Audit report will serve as a tool that will raise the focus on performance of government

"The indicators in the report show that it is very clear that service delivery remains poor across the board," Uganda NGO Forum director, Richard Sewakiryanga speaking on behalf of the platform.

He said the evaluation was meant to remind the government of its election promises and encourage better delivery.

"We hope that the NRM Audit report will serve as a tool that will raise the focus on performance of government and delivery of the NRM as a party on its promises,'' Sewakiryanga said.

Opposition Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) official, David Pulkol accused the government of promoting selfish interest and poor governance.

"Most people in Uganda are poor," he charged. "There are few people who are benefiting from the government and they are very rich while the majority are poor [...]. National resources should equally benefit all Ugandans."

The report by civil society accuses the government of failing to improve service in public hospitals that serve thousands of poor Ugandans.

Rampant corruption and the poor road network was also blamed on government's failure to take its mandate seriously.

But government spokesman, Ofwono Opondo defended Museveni's administration saying "a lot has been done to see that development is registered in all aspects of the nation."

Opondo said the government was working to address failures in service delivery.

Museveni has been elected four times as president since he came to pawer in 1986 following a guerrilla war.

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