Sub-Saharan credit growth rates halve in two years

Photo©ReutersPrivate credit growth across sub-Saharan Africa has more than halved over the past two years and ground to a halt in oil exporting countries following low oil prices and the economic slowdown in China, weighing heavily on regional growth prospects, a report said on Friday.

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Ebola, drought, commodity price slump dent Sub-Saharan Africa economic growth

File photo©Rio Tinto/AP/SIPAEconomic growth in sub-Saharan Africa will likely slow this year to its weakest in nearly two decades, hurt by a slump in commodity prices, the Ebola virus outbreak and drought, the IMF said on Tuesday.

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Liberia: New finance minister and central bank governor named

Liberia's President Johnson Sirleaf must step down next year due to a two-term limit. Photo©ReutersLiberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf named a new finance minister and central bank governor late on Friday, as the West African nation seeks to recover from a two-year Ebola outbreak.

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Growth: After the crash, the fightback

Image©Francesca Capellini for TARSierra Leone, which earns 85% of its foreign exchange from mineral exports, has been devastated; economies as big as South Africa's and Nigeria's are also struggling. Now, leaders and activists are trying more nationalist tactics against the resource curse.

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Sierra Leone economy to grow by 4.3 percent in 2016

Sierra Leone's economy is expected to grow by 4.3 percent this year because of a pick-up in mining and other sectors following the end of the Ebola epidemic, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.

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Uganda hit by rift valley fever

The Western Uganda region has been hit by an outbreak of the deadly Rift Valley fever, health officials have warned.

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Women lead the charge in post-Ebola Guinea

Djakagbe Kaba, head of the women's organisation AGACFEM. Photo©Ruth McdowellA women's cooperative saw its work almost reduced to ashes after years of work as the Ebola outbreak ravaged the West African country of Guinea, but the women would have the last say.

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Health: New malaria threats call for extra vigilance

As Guinea entered the final countdown to be classed Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in late 2015, scientists were already warning of new threats to the continent's fragile healthcare systems.

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Nigeria Country Profile 2015: Harnessing optimism against despair

altNotwithstanding the country's extraordinary challenges, a general wave of optimism seems to hold sway among
Nigerians at home and abroad.

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Mali Country Profile 2015: No peace, no reconciliation

altThe optimism around President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta's (IBK) arrival in power in September 2013 has largely faded as the government has failed to deal with the Tuareg and Islamist forces in northern Mali.

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Guinea Country Profile 2015: Ebola casts a long shadow

altThe 2014 Ebola epidemic started in Guinea and is the single most important factor in the country's political and economic future.

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Cote D'Ivoire Country Profile 2015: Polls test the post-conflict peace

altLess than a year before next presidential election – the first one since the 2010 turmoil – Côte d'Ivoire presents a contrasting picture: while the economy is booming, particularly thanks to public investment in infrastructure projects, reconciliation is more rhetoric than reality.

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Liberia: Exxon Mobil to drill offshore in 2017

Exxon Mobil Corp said it plans to start drilling in Liberia in 2017, in what President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said was a sign of economic recovery after the Ebola epidemic.

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Gambia: IMF warns of risk to economy

Photo@ReutersGambiachildrenGambia's economy faces serious risks from a worsening budget, rising inflation and tight interest rates, the International Monetary Fund warned this week.

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The Promises and Perils of Democracy in Africa

Eva M. Clayton. Photo©livingstongroupdc.comThe Obama Administration along with other American leadership, especially my former colleagues of the Congressional Black Caucus, have a duty to the birthplace of humanity, writes Eva M. Clayton, former representative of the U.S. House of Representatives for the state of North Carolina.

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Health: Test shows new Liberian Ebola case similar to earlier virus

Photo©ReutersTests on the Ebola virus that claimed Liberia's first victim since it was declared Ebola-free in May showed it was closely related to an earlier Liberian strain, the World Health Organization and a health official said on Friday.

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A Marshall plan for healthcare post-Ebola

Photo©ReutersBillions of dollars are required to save depleted healthcare systems in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Ebola's most affected countries, as they lobby for funding for hospital infrastructure.

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AU Summit: Ebola and Electricity likely to overshadow official agenda

Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, South Africa's International Relations Minister. Photo©ReutersAs African leaders troop in for the African Union summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, the host country says it is prepared for the its high profile guests.

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An African insurance outbreak

ebola revealed the high cost of fighting an epidemic. Photo©John Moore/Getty ImagesAn African Union (AU) agency is pioneering a sovereign insurance policy for African governments seeking to protect against outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola.

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Day in a life: An Ebola survivor's tale

Lafayette Vinton, 34, has been a preacher in Monrovia for more than a decade. Since surviving Ebola his sermons have taken on a new message – and importance.

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