Pan-African lender Ecobank may close some operations

Photo©Emanuel Ekra/AP/SIPAEcobank is reviewing its expansion strategy following a decline in profits and may pull out of some African countries to focus on its most promising markets, chairman Emmanuel Ikazoboh told Reuters.

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Ghana-Agriculture Peace, love and cocoa

Photo©ReutersWith the return to stability in Côte d'Ivoire cocoa smuggling is down, but that's not the only reason Ghana's producing less.

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Finance: Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire's divergent paths

A number of foreign banks, like Ecobank, have a presence in both Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Photo©Olivier for JACôte d'Ivoire faces the challenge of helping turn around troubled state-owned banks; meanwhile, Ghana's financial institutions are coping with tougher times.

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Aviation: Cape Verde state airline to cut jobs, debt in restructuring plan

File photo©ReutersCape Verde's loss-making national airline plans to cut nearly a quarter of its staff and review flight routes later this year as part of a restructuring plan to reduce debt and attract foreign investors, the company head told Reuters on Monday.

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Ecobank Ghana boss to head regional operations

Samuel Ashitey Adjei, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated's new managing director for the newly created division comprising of subsidiaries in central, eastern and southern AfricaEcobank Transnational Incorporated has appointed the current head of its Ghana operations as the new managing director for the newly created division comprising of subsidiaries in central, eastern and southern Africa.

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No more shadow-boxing over leadership - Ade Ayeyemi, Group CEO, Ecobank Transnational

Ade Ayeyemi Group chief executive officer, Ecobank Transnational. Photo©Guilhem Alandry/Documentography for TARWith its expanded continental footprint, new investors and a new chief executive, the Togo-based bank is poised for the next step, though there may be global trouble ahead.

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South Africa-Nigeria: The heart of the matter

altEconomics should drive Nigeria and South Africa closer together. structurally, the prospects are bright: the two economies are quite different in terms of resources, productive capacity, technological development and market size.

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Nedbank: A South African bank building a continental footprint

Photos© All rights reserved Nedbank (#5) is expected to continue its expansion outside South Africa, both organically and through acquisitions, in the next couple of years. Nedbank also looks to grow its South African business, but may find this a challenge because the country's economic growth rate hovers around 2-3%.

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A small-time player joins the big league

Photos© All rights reserved The most recent entrant into Ghana's banking sector, First Capital Plus bank, was first a microfinance outfit and then became a savings and loan company prior to its 2013 receipt of a universal banking licence.

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Ecobank working to restructure loans to Nigerian states

Ecobank is working on a plan to restructure loans to Nigerian states, the pan-African lender said on Friday.

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Ecobank benefits from its pan-African platform

From kigali to Cape Town in seconds: Ecobank’s Omni platform is simple to use. Photo©The New York Times/REAThe bank present in the largest number of African countries is gaining strength from its new online payment platform that links its clients all over the continent.

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The Nigerians are coming

It was perhaps inevitable given its population mass, and its half-a-trillion dollar economy. The battle-hardened cadre of bankers created by Nigeria's decade of reform-collapse-reform is being picked for the top jobs.

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Banking: Ecobank names Ayeyemi as new CEO

Ade Ayeyemi has been named as CEO of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated. Photo©Screen Shot NTVPan-African bank Ecobank Transnational Incorporated has named Ade Ayeyemi as its new group chief executive, it said on Monday.

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Finance: DRC's civil servants head to the banks

Pay-day queues at banks are a necessary evil of the drive to clean up civil servants’ pay. Photo©John Bompengo/Radio OkapiThe move to pay public sector workers via bank accounts has already saved the government $29m. But what's in it for the banks?

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Oil and Gas: Big Winners and Sore Losers

Delays, restructuring and stalling are expected as oil producers cut back. Photo©Kevin M. Law/ALL Canada Photos/CorbisExporting countries and producers large and small are reeling from the impact of the oil price's vertiginous drop over the past six months. The Africa Report looks at who is benefiting from the turmoil and who will be hurt the most.

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Thierry Tanoh wins cases...

The legal battles related to Thierry Tanoh's sacking in 2014 are set to continue at international tribunals.

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IMF backtracks over their reporting on Ecobank's growth

The International Monetary Fund said in a report that poor governance and rushed growth at pan-African lender Ecobank pose serious concerns, but it said in an email on Thursday the concerns it referred to have been addressed.

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Togo court awards former Ecobank CEO Thierry Tanoh $11.6 million

Thierry Tanoh was fired last March by Ecobank's board after turmoil over corporate governanceA court in Togo awarded the former chief executive of pan-African lender Ecobank Thierry Tanoh $11.6 million on Tuesday over his wrongful dismissal suit that followed the bank's decision to fire him last March.

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Ecobank to comply with Ivorian order in defamation case

A court says Ecobank and the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) of South Africa must pay former Ecobank CEO Thierry Tanoh $15 million for defamationPan-African lender Ecobank will comply with an order by a court in Ivory Coast to publish in international media a judgment in a defamation case brought by its former chief executive even as it appeals against the ruling, a bank spokesman said on Sunday.

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Banking: We will benefit from both worlds- Ecobank chief

Albert Essien Group chief executive, Ecobank. Photo©Eric Larrayadieu for JABanker Albert Essien talks about the management troubles at Ecobank, its plans for consolidation, and how to manage culture and training across a pan-African institution.

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