New Ethiopian law targets online crime

Photo©ReutersThe Ethiopian legislature has ratified a new law prohibiting hate speech and online spamming.

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Cashing in on the beautiful game of Football

Fans of English football file out after watching arsenal v. ManUina Nairobi slum. Photo©Noor Khamis/ReutersHuge fan bases on the continent are causing English Premier League clubs to ramp up sponsorship deals with African brands.

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Japan eager to support Africa's transformation

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, center left, visits the African Union (AU) headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. Photo©Elias Asmare/AP/SIPATwo decades after Japan's pioneering efforts to get Asian countries to engage directly with African leaders by launching in 1993 the Tokyo International Conference on African Development Prime minister Shinzō Abe announced a whopping $32 billion five-year support for Africa's development projects. Fast froward from 2013, the Asian giant wants Africa to "choose Japan as its true partner".

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Art: Ethiopia's capital listening

A visitor to AFA contemplates Workneh Bezu’s ethereal Angel Series I, part of ‘Addis Calling’. Photo©AFAA gallery has carved out its space in the changing Ethiopian capital and has ambitions as lofty as the cranes on the skyline for a new generation of artists.

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Ebola, drought, commodity price slump dent Sub-Saharan Africa economic growth

File photo©Rio Tinto/AP/SIPAEconomic growth in sub-Saharan Africa will likely slow this year to its weakest in nearly two decades, hurt by a slump in commodity prices, the Ebola virus outbreak and drought, the IMF said on Tuesday.

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Planned cities and the future

EKO ATLANTIC, LAGOS 25,000 homes and flood protection for Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria One of the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals is to have sustainable cities that provide opportunities for all, including access to basic services, energy, housing and transport. Some African cities like Lagos and Kigali are on the move.

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Food Security: Ethiopia seeking almost 500,000 tonnes of wheat -trade

File photo©ReutersThe Ethiopian government has issued an international tender to buy around 499,000 tonnes of milling wheat sourced from optional origins as the country continues purchases following a serious drought, European traders said on Tuesday.

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When China sneezes, does Africa catch a cold?

While commodity exporters will feel the pinch from China's recent economic slowdown, the price collapse may help with the continent's much-needed economic transformation.

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How the US and China are empowering Ethiopia's private sector

Ethiopia's footwear industry has long been known for producing fine-quality leather shoes and products. With reliable power sources, affordable labour and a fast-growing economy with a forecasted GDP growth of over 10%, it is no wonder that international companies and suppliers are flocking to Ethiopia to tap into this market.

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Ethiopia: We're growing fast, but it's not enough

Tedros Adhanom Foreign affairs minister, Ethiopia. Photo©Austin Thomason/University of MichiganAfter a hectic three months dealing with conflicts and negotiating with investors across Africa, Asia and Europe, Tedros Adhanom explains his country's diplomatic strategy.

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Ethiopia needs $245m for urgent food aid

Ethiopia needs $245 million in the next three weeks to prevent starvation by the end of April, a charity organisation Save the Children has warned.

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Pharmaceuticals: Pills for the Ethiopian populace

Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Ethiopia has the potential to provide hundreds more with jobs. Photo©Xinhua/Zuma/REAThe medical manufacturing industry, which still only accounts for about 15% of the local market, is the focus of a government drive for investment.

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Electricity: Who's got watts?

Political and bureaucratic blockages are weighing on big-ticket power projects. Photo©Petterik Wiggers/PANOS-REAThere are big pushes for Africa to be electrified, but the continent is far from plugged in. Projects have been slow to develop even as new money has been looking for ventures.

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Across Africa, a people's 2016 manifesto

From Cape Town to Casablanca, The Africa Report took the continent's temperature, talking to everyone from shoe sellers to politicians and financiers to identify their policy priorities and what issues they want to see making headlines in 2016.

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New Ethiopian Airlines academy launch at the forefront of African aviation development

Photo©Ethiopian Airlines AcademyEthiopian Airlines has inaugurated it's the refurbished aviation academy, rebuilt at a cost of $100 million. The rebuilt academy, the airline said on Sunday, will increase its annual intake capacity to 4,000 students.

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Ethiopia plays chess at a leisurely pace

All four parties in the ruling coalition had a post election shuffle in August but their leaders remain intact as Metekakat proves slow-moving.

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Ethiopia: USAID gives more financial assistance amid humanitarian crisis

The United States aid agency (USAID) has pledged $97 million in emergency assistance for Ethiopia to help address the on-going humanitarian crisis triggered by an El Nino-induced drought.

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Lion population discovered at Ethiopian park

A pride of 200 lions has been spotted at an Ethiopian nature reserve where it was previously believed that the wild cats had become extinct due to widespread poaching.

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Potential crop catastrophies

Photo©Getty ImagesDrought for some, devastating rains for others: the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates that 11 million children in East and Southern Africa are at risk of hunger and disease due to the weather phenomenon known as El Niño, caused by highwater temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

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UN chief's plea to donors to save Ethiopia

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Photo©ReutersUnited Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has urged the international community to help Ethiopia overcome effects of a devastating drought that has spawned massive food shortages.

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