François Bozizé

Central African Republic Country Profile 2015: The trials of Samba-Panza

altThe challenges that lie ahead for a return to peace and rule by an elected government in the Central African Republic (CAR) are unlikely to be resolved in 2015.

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Chad's Déby takes on Boko Haram

Chad’s is one of the most capable armies in French- speaking Africa. Photo©Emmanuel Braun/ReutersWith a regional power vacuum and support from France and the US, Chad's president is talking tough and fighting Islamist rebels in Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.

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Angola's diplomatic dancing

Presidents Dos Santos and Zuma are not always in step. Photo©ELMOND JIYANE/ANGOLA GOVERNMENT/AFPPresident Santos left the diplomatic footwork at the UN General Assembly in September to deputy Manuel Vicente. Leader of his country's delegation, vice-president Vicente made the case for Angola's election to the Security Council by setting out an increasingly ambitious foreign policy.

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It's as if the whole country has lost its senses

No one needs an alarm clock to wake up in Bangui in recent weeks. The sound of gunfire, sometimes sustained and heavy, has become a morning ritual in the Central African Republic's capital city. To most people here, identifying where the shots come from is a survival skill.

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France calls attention to Central Africa Republic, a potential Somalia

CAR's crisis began after a rebel group known as Seleka ousted the president François Bozizé. Photo©ReutersFrance has called for an immediate intervention in the Central African Republic (CAR) saying the war torn country has degenerated into a chaos.

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