François Hollande

Commodities: The Trade Challenge

With new rules and new markets, African companies are fighting for a bigger stake in the continent's resource bonanza. At the same time, multinational traders like Glencore are targeting Africa as they seek to control commodity value chains.

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France-Africa: Trade romance back on track

France’s transport technology has brought sleek trams to Casablanca. Photo©Guillaume Mollé for JAFaced with flagging opinion polls, limp economic growth and stubbornly high unemployment, President François Hollande is seeking to turn around his country's fortunes through trade with African countries.

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Fighting for African peace - Anansi

Photo©ReutersThe ultimate contradiction in terms it may be, but there is a growing belief that 'fighting for peace' rather than apparently fruitless negotiations is the way to resolve some of Africa's long-standing conflicts. 

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French President, Hollande sets out stall in North Africa

French President Francois Hollande and King Mohammed VI of Morocco/Photo© BERNARD LANGLOIS/AP/SIPAThe president of France hopes to win back the top spot in trade with Rabat (Morocco) and Algiers (Algeria).

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Winds of change and Africa

The improbable leader of the reset is President François Hollande, who has the fewest personal links to Africa of any French leader since the Second World War/Photo©ReutersMore than two decades after France's President François Mitterrand predicted a season of revolutions after the fall of the Berlin Wall, new winds of change are blowing through Francophone Africa.

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