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South Africa's Transnet transformed

Photo©Jeremy Woodhouse/Masterfile/CorbisTransnet, South Africa's rail and port parastatal, is undertaking a vast counter-cyclical investment campaign to build new port infrastructure and update old railway equipment.

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Ghana: Power cut stops parliamentary debate

Ghana's parliament was thrown into darkness by a power outage on Wednesday, leading to jeers from the opposition as MPs flipped open their mobile phones to use as flashlights.

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Electricity: Geometric Power, GE to build 1,080 MW plant in Nigeria

Nigeria's Geometric Power will build a 1,080 megawatt power plant jointly with General Electric, with the first phase of the project generating 500 MW expected to be completed in 2019 at a cost of $800 million.

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Ghana: Power cuts worsen economic woes

Photo©ReutersJoseph Nyame was doing very well as senior plant operator at the Sha-Sha Natural Fruit Juice company near Ghana's capital Accra until a wave of power cuts forced the firm out of business.

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Governments need a big dose of simplification - Jeff Immelt

Jeff Immelt, Chief executive officer, General Electric. Photo©Eric Baudet/Divergence-Images.ComGE's planned $1bn investment to make Nigeria a manufacturing, service and innovation hub has started with its Calabar plant. But governments must cut the red tape, says CEO, Jeff Immelt.

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Energy: Egypt gets multi-million GE investment, expects $20 bn in total investments

General Electric is investing $200 million in a manufacturing and training facility in Egypt's Suez City and had delivered a shipment of gas turbines to supply its grid.

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Guinea's Simandou iron ore trove: huge potential for the hugely patient

Photo©Rio TintoIn a remote, southeastern corner of Guinea, the mist-shrouded Simandou mountain range rises above the lush forest. Buried under its green slopes lies some of the planet's finest iron ore, a treasure long coveted by the world's mining giants.

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General Electric signs $400 million Algeria generator deal

General Electric on Wednesday signed an agreement to build an industrial complex to produce gas and steam turbines in partnership with Algeria's Sonelgaz at a cost of $400 million.

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General Electric top brass moves in

With his asset management background, Jay Ireland is keen to get hands-on with the financing side of deals/Photo©GEAs president and CEO of GE Africa, Jay Ireland is the first senior manager to be based on the continent. He says the company will grow by being flexible.

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