Zimbabwe plans talks with Germany to resolve $739 million debt

Zimbabwe is planning talks with Germany on how to resolve a $739 million debt it owes to euro zone's biggest economy, the southern African nation's finance minister said on Tuesday.

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South Africa fines Deutsche Bank for lax anti-money laundering rules

Photo©ReutersSouth Africa has fined German's Deutsche Bank 10 million rand ($857,743) for not having appropriate anti-money laundering measures, the central bank said on Friday.

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Global wrongs, people's rights

The war-makers changed the world, although they didn't know it, on 4 August 1914.

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Government alarmed as more Ghanaians ditch nationality

File Photo©ReutersThe high cost of living in Ghana forced 817 people mostly women to relocate to other countries after renouncing their citizenship in 2013, the government said on Monday.

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Algeria says to start production from six gas fields

Photo©ReutersAlgerian state energy group Sonatrach expects to start production from six gas fields with a total capacity of 74 million cubic metres per day in the next three years, the official APS news agency reported on Sunday.

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Boko Haram to hit Nigerian GDP again, but investors remain resilient

Nigeria's finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala says after accounting for the impact of Boko Haram's insurgency, which she thinks will take half a percentage point off GDP growth, the country is expecting about 6.75 percent growth in 2014. Photo©ReutersBoko Haram's insurgency will slow Nigeria's economy again this year, knocking half a percentage point off growth like last year, the finance minister said on Tuesday, adding that her 6.75 percent 2014 growth forecast took this into account.

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Foreign policy: Germany's all inclusive package for Africa

Sudan Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti (left) and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier (right) during a press conference at the Foreign Office in Berlin, June 4 2014. Photo©Yamila CastroGermany is caught between hard interests and soft values as it tries to find its way into the African market. But is Chancellor Angela Merkel's government doing enough?

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West cuts costs for diplomacy and security programmes in Africa

Photo©Lance cpL. Jessica DeRose/AFRICOMMilitary sources in the United States (US) began a discussion in August about the reorganisation of military commands that could lead the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) either to be disbanded or to be moved from Germany to the US.

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African Unity at 50: Renaissance and the rising south - Helen Clark

Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator and the former Prime Minister of New ZealandAs the African Union celebrates its 50th anniversary, UNDP's administrator and former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark argues that tackling inequalities on the continent is central to lifting human development.

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Beyond the big guns, small is beautiful - Africa's SMEs

A customer prepares to pay for a small bag of maize meal at a shop in Soweto south west of Johannesburg/Photo©ReutersThe top 500 companies are a fine crop – the biggest firms in Africa, destined for great things.

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Global health funding in stalemate

Many developing countries with the highest disease burdens did not receive the most funding and when comparing disease-specific funding and disease burden certain countries received much less funding/Photo©ReutersDespite gloomy forecasts, in the wake of global economic crisis, funds to health projects in developing countries appear to be holding steady, recent report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington has said.

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Ghana considers timber imports as industry declines

Falling volumes of timber in Ghana, coupled with rise in illegal lumbering, has compelled the former net timber exporter to now import to augment demands of the industry.

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