Afcon 2015: The boycott that never was

Photo©Taimour Lay/The Africa ReportIf anything the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) has been a big public relations coup for Equatorial Guinea, and with the price of tickets as low as $1, an opposition call for a boycott has fallen on deaf years.

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2015 Africa Cup of Nations opening pulls in the crowds

Teams line up before kick off on the first day of the 2015 African Cup of Nations in Bata. Photo©Taimour Lay/The Africa ReportFor hours Equatorial Guinea (E-G) fans, almost all clad in deep red, including one man in a tight frock and Christmas tinsel, had piled into Bata Stadium.

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Afcon 2015: Africa Cup of Nations - Scores and Updates (Côte d'Ivoire wins)

2015 Africa Cup of Nations - Fixtures, results, standings and scores.

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Afcon: Who's who at the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations

Afcon 2015: Mali supporters in Bata. Photo©Taimour Lay/ The Africa ReportThe 2015 Africa Cup of Nations kicks off on mainland Equatorial Guinea on Saturday. The previous winners, Nigeria's Super Eagles, did not qualify, and Les Etalons of Burkina Faso (runners-up of the previous competition) are psyched up to clinch this year's trophy. But with four-time winners Ghana and Cameroon vying for victory, and Côte d'Ivoire fielding its four-time CAF African Footballer of the Year, Yaya Touré, nothing is certain. Taimour Lay shows you the strengths and weaknesses of this year's qualifying teams.

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Afcon 2015: Football against all odds

From kick-off on 17 January to the final on 8 February, The Africa Report will be bringing you the latest news and views from the Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea. Taimour Lay in Malabo previews a tournament that still captures the imagination of millions across the continent.

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The Ebola fear factor and wake-up call

Girls in Voinjama, Liberia, look at a poster that displays information on Ebola  Photo©UNICEF/Liberia/JallanzoDespite having being ranked second and sixth among the 10 top countries with the highest economic growth rates in the world in 2013, Sierra Leone and Liberia are among the world's poorest. The Ebola epidemic has exposed the weakness of healthcare systems that have been neglected in many African countries for so long.

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Mining: UK data office says NGO has journalist exemption, rejects Steinmetz claim

BSGR was stripped of its mining rights on the giant Simandou iron deposit in Guinea in AprilBritain's data watchdog has dismissed Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz's claims against a campaign group which used data to link him and his BSGR mining business to corruption in Guinea, saying the group enjoyed exemptions for journalists.

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Ebola, a catastrophe that must never happen again

David Nabarro, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General on Ebola. Photo©UN Photo/Eskinder DebebeThe United Nations' first-ever public health mission, UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) was set up following the Ebola virus outbreak to deal with the pandemic. David Nabarro, the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Ebola, discusses the UN's efforts to bring the virus under control.

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Business leaders in Africa pledge millions in Ebola fund

This first wave of pledges will go towards logistical support. Photo©ReutersBusiness leaders across Africa have committed more than $28.5 million to an initial emergency fund towards Africa's Ebola response in the three affected West African countries Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

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Has the Ebola outbreak exposed West Africa's class divide?

The deadly impact of the ebola virus, which had killed more than 3,800 people by early october, has weakened the health systems of Guinea, liberia and sierra leone and hit rural areas the hardest.

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200 Ethiopian volunteers to join West Africa Ebola fight

Photo©ReutersIn response to an urgent appeal by the African Union for medical staff to avert West Africa's health crisis, Ethiopia has pledged to send 200 volunteer health workers to countries hit by the Ebola outbreak.

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Mining: End of Iron Age

Sishen mine in South Africa does not have the heavy transport costs of the Central African deposits. Photos©Nadine Hutton/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesLow prices and high supplies are driving iron ore prices down. Analysts say large companies will survive the crunch but many smaller producers and explorers may be faced with tough decisions.

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Ebola: Dithering, then cash and action

Photo©DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFPThe sense of international crisis and impending doom caught up with the spread of the Ebola virus in mid-September.

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More cases of Ebola spreading in Europe "unavoidable", WHO says

More cases of the deadly Ebola virus will almost inevitably spread in Europe but the continent is well prepared to control the disease, the World Health Organisation's (WHO) regional director said on Tuesday.

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Ghana: West Africa health ministers affirm decision on Ebola combating

 A U.N. convoy of soldiers passes a screen displaying a message on Ebola on a street in Abidjan August 14, 2014. Photo©ReutersAn Assembly of Ministers of Health of ECOWAS meeting in the Ghana's capital, Accra has taken a firm decision on the implementation of an operational plan on the Ebola virus, afflicting the sub region.

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WHO experts advise against travel or trade bans on Ebola-hit Africa

Independent health advisers to the World Health Organization (WHO) have assessed that there should be no general ban on travel or trade with countries reeling from an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the U.N. agency said on Monday.

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World Bank: Ebola could drain billions of dollars from African economies

The largest-ever outbreak of Ebola could drain billions of dollars from economies in West Africa by the end of next year if the epidemic is not contained, the World Bank said in an analysis on Wednesday.

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Economic growth forecasts cut for Ebola-hit West African nations

Volunteers prepare to remove the bodies of people who were suspected of contracting Ebola and died in the community in the village of Pendebu, north of Kenema, Sierra Leone. Photo©ReutersSierra Leone has cut its 2014 economic growth forecast to 7 or 8 percent as an Ebola outbreak cripples business in the iron ore-exporting West African country, the government said on Wednesday.

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Guinea's Simandou iron ore trove: huge potential for the hugely patient

Photo©Rio TintoIn a remote, southeastern corner of Guinea, the mist-shrouded Simandou mountain range rises above the lush forest. Buried under its green slopes lies some of the planet's finest iron ore, a treasure long coveted by the world's mining giants.

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Local content: Cultivating homegrown talent

The oil and gas sector is one of the pioneers in local content, and Nigeria leads the fray. Photo©Antonin Borgeaud for JAAt last, African governments are encouraging the development of networks of small and capable local companies that can become a part of global supply chains and win government contracts.

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