South Africa opens tender for wireless broadband licenses

Photo©ReutersSouth Africa's telecoms regulator opened a tender to bid for high-speed wireless broadband licenses on Friday as it seeks to increase access to the Internet and bring down costs for consumers. The high-speed broadband, known as spectrum, has been packaged into four lots with varying frequencies.

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Ghanaians own more than 35 million mobile phones

File photo©ReutersGhana's mobile subscription figure has soared astronomically, with more than 35 million people in the West African country now owning mobile phones, providing a big platform for innovative and creative mobile applications to boost living conditions.

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Aggressive ICT policy reforms necessary for robust economic growth

Photo©ReutersPolicymakers have been urged to launch an aggressive intervention into the information, communication and technology (ICT) industry to stimulate rapid economic growth and tame growing youth joblessness and insecurity in Africa.

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Is an African Silicon Valley a pipe dream today?

Kenya is building a multi-billion-dollar techno city to provide jobs for 200,000 people. Can the world's youngest continent overtake the Californian cluster that began when our democracies were still in diapers?
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Ghana scrutinises ICT in education policy

Photo©ReutersGhana's ministry of education has met stakeholders to revise and finalise the country's information and communication technology (ICT) policy in education six years after it implemented it, as it seeks to improve service delivery.

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ICT: Outsourcing in Mauritius faces new challenges

Mauritius has fast connectivity, but needs to up the ante to compete with cheap-labour competitors. Photo©Nasseem Ackbarally/Transterra MediaCosts are rising and global competition is stronger, so the government and players in the BPO sector are looking to increase the complexity of the services on offer.

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Africa's economy set for dramatic changes – Carlos Lopes

Carlos Lopes, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for AfricaAs well as identifying countries holding enormous industrialisation potential, Carlos Lopes, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, elaborates on the right policies for industrialisation and the role the private and public sectors can play, as addressed by the 2014 Economic Report on Africa.

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Africa should harness the power of ICT - Robert Baffour

Photo©ReutersAfrican leaders must get serious and muster the political will to grab onto new information and communication technologies to propel growth, an official at Ghana's Technology University College has said.

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Rwanda's attention grabbing digitisation

Photo©ReutersRwanda began developing its information and communication technology (ICT) in 2000 after adopting the National Information Communications Infrastructure (NICI) policy and created a long-term plan to achieve full digitisation in four five-year stages. 14 years on, Rwanda's success story is grabbing global attention.

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BlackBerry to go full throttle in Zimbabwe

Photo©ReutersZimbabwe could belatedly lift a ban on Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), but the southern African country says it first has to ascertain whether the service does not pose any security risk.

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The market for apps in DRC can only get bigger

Carlo Lekea Founder of the tech firm Idea IT & Conception©Martine Van Der Belen/IdeaCarlo Lekea is the developer of the first Congolese phone app, and he plans to launch many more despite the practical and obstructionist hurdles.

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Africa's Internet divide

Photo©ReutersCustomers in Africa often pay ten times more than those in Europe for broadband access, the ITU says.

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Kenya, a crucible of technology and business

Photo©ReutersKenya is a frontrunner in technology and communications, but it must not slacken pace: the next decade will throw up opportunities to succeed in the global arena.

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Ghana: IAEA members meet on nuclear e-learning

Photo©ReutersAfrican nuclear experts and policy makers are meeting in Ghana to push for the introduction of e-learning platforms for nuclear education and training.

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Ericsson to broaden ICT connectivity in Ghana

Photo©ReutersEricsson, the world's largest maker of equipment for building mobile telecommunications networks, has announced plans to broaden information, communication and technology (ICT) connectivity to the rural communities in Ghana.

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MTN introduces mobile cloud services in Ghana

Photo©ReutersMTN Ghana has introduced cloud computing services that are expected to help businesses to pull to minimise costs and improve productivity.

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Ghana: ICT services liberalisation detrimental to local companies

Photo©ReutersAlthough liberalisation of trade in ICT services has led to increased investments in Ghana over the years, it has nonetheless been detrimental to indigenous businesses, a recent survey report has shown.

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Outsourcing: The Indian connection and Africa

India still offers the cheapest BPO services/Photo©RexSIPAAs Africa struggles to position itself as an outsourcing destination for global clients in Europe and North America, Indian companies are raking in the few local contracts up for grabs.

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