Libyan forces clash with IS in Sirte

Photo©ReutersLibyan forces engaged in renewed clashes with Islamic State militants in Sirte on Thursday, a day after capturing a convention complex that had been a symbol of the militant group's authority in the city.

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US bombing inflicts heavy losses on islamists in Libya

File photo©Gaia Anderson/AP/SIPAUnited States warplanes carried out a series of air strikes against Islamic State (IS) fighters in Libya's coastal city of Sirte, the latest salvo of a longer-term campaign by the West to combat the Islamist group's foothold in the North African country.

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South African police to oppose bail for Islamic State terror suspects

Photo©Schalk van Zuydam/AP/SIPASouth African police say they plan to oppose bail in the case against two brothers accused of contravening South Africa's Terrorism Act and plotting to blow up the US Embassy and Jewish institutions in that country on behalf of terror group, Islamic State (IS).

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Suspected South African IS recruits face court

File photo©Seth Perlman/AP/SIPAFour suspected South African Islamic State (IS) recruits, arrested during a raid by the country's special investigations unit in Johannesburg, appeared in court on Monday.

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Libyan army 'days' away from capture of last IS stronghold

A general view of buildings ravaged by fighting in Sirte. Photo©Manu Brabo/AP/SIPALibya's military says it is "days" away from capturing the last Islamic State (IS) stronghold in the North African country at the coastal city of Sirte.

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Libya's unity government loses 10 soldiers in battles with Islamic State

Many Africans who left to fight alongside IS in Syria and Iraq are returning home, creating a ready pool of potential recruits. Photo©AP/SIPAAt least 10 soldiers aligned with Libya's internationally backed government were killed in skirmishes with the Islamic State (IS) near its stronghold in Sirte, as concern grows about the rising strength of the Islamist group in the country.

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Islamic State's caliphate: Afghan invasion was critical

Madawi Al-Rasheed - Saudi Arabian scholar and granddaughter of Mohammed bin Talal al-Rasheed, the last prince of the Arabian Emirate of Ha’ilThe creation of the global jihadi movement, to counter the Soviet Union's influence during the cold war, lacked an exit strategy, says Madawi Al-Rasheed, Saudi Arabian scholar and granddaughter of Mohammed bin Talal al-Rasheed - the last prince of the Arabian Emirate of Ha'il. She explains the effect this had on Saudi Arabia after the cold war and why Da'esh (Islamic State - IS) decided to announce a caliphate.

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Islamic State in Africa and the grim utopia

Photo©AL HAYAT/AFPIslamic State fighters are setting up a base of operations in Libya, as the regional fight against the Nigeria-based Boko Haram takes a new turn. But do African governments have the tools to respond to radicalisation and terrorist attacks?

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Libya: Militants hit Benghazi oil plants

File Photo©ReutersA major power plant in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi was been attacked by militants, an army commander and a plant employee said on Saturday.

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Libya: Islamic State clashes with guards near Es Sider oil port

File photo©ReutersIslamic State fighters clashed with a force guarding Libya's Es Sider oil export terminal on Monday, witnesses reported, and the militants said they had taken a nearby town.

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Libya Country Profile 2015: No end in sight to the fighting

altIn 2015, Libya is unlikely to exit the violent political limbo into which it has fallen.

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Algeria Country Profile 2015: The endgame beckons

altPresident Abdelaziz Bouteflika won a landslide re-election in April 2014, but his continued health problems after a 2013 stroke have brought talk about the succession to the fore.

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Libya: Islamic State fighters infiltrate eastern Libya

File Photo©ReutersIslamic State (IS) militants have taken advantage of the instability, unrest, and infighting in Libya to set up training camps in the war torn country.

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