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In Depth

South Sudan: Killing for culture

south sudan flag

She cannot say her name. The South Sudanese girl was shot in jaw with an AK-47. But the reason she cannot communicate her identity isn’t because of the bullet wound. It’s because she has yet to learn how to speak. Only four months old, the little girl is a victim of a new wave of violence in South Sudan, which experts have described as genocidal. While inter tribal conflicts are not uncommon, a worrying trend of this fighting is the somewhat deliberate attacks on women and children.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 September 2011 17:45


Dozos and Other Irregulars

Joseph Hellweg

Controversy arose in Côte d'Ivoire in early 2011 over the participation of dozo hunters in the battle between Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara. In April, the United Nations mission in Côte d'Ivoire accused dozos of having participated in the massacre of at least 330 people in the western town of Duékoué. Dozos were fighting on behalf of Alassane Ouattara. Then in July, Amnesty International followed suite, accused dozos of having constituted a militia during the rebellion and of participating in ongoing intimidation and atrocities against civilian populations in the western region of the country. The news gave me cause for concern.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 October 2011 16:31


The good, the bad, and the rest in African elections

André-Michel Essoungou

Former president of the Republic of Congo, Pascal Lissouba once professed that

Until two decades ago football games were the most heated contests in most of Africa. Then came the era of competitive elections. From the beginning, the electoral game topped the charts. And much like football amateurs would tell you about the

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 November 2011 00:20


The politics of Nostalgia: South Africa's new struggle

“The judiciary is not transformed in South Africa”, thundered ANC Youth League President Julius Malema after losing his recent hate speech trial. The Constitutional Court had just ruled that singing the controversial struggle-era song “Shoot the Boer” (boer is the Afrikaans word for white farmer) had the potential to incite genocide. In retaliation, a Youth League spokesman implied that presiding judge Colin Lamont was a “settler” and “coloniser”.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 September 2011 17:56


Troy Davis' execution reveals deep cracks in US justice system

Troy Davis, convicted of murdering a policeman, was executed, Wednesday after almost two decades on death row, a development that has reignited the debate over the death penalty.


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Rooting around in the past: African heritage tourism gains strength

"Watching Kunte Kinte's story unfold had a profound impact on my developing sense of identity" says Ade Akinboyewa of the television serialisation of Arthur Haley's 1976 best-selling novel Roots. As a young black boy growing up in the white suburbs of South London he had never really thought deeply about slavery and how it had shaped him. "For the first time something that had always been opaque and unspoken was suddenly made real."

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 November 2011 18:40



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