Fearmongers in the frame

A menacingly authoritarian triumvirate think that it's their turn. Canny, malign and experts in the politics of fear, the US's Donald Trump, France's Marine Le Pen and Russia's Vladimir Putin believe history is on their side.

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Islamic State's caliphate: Afghan invasion was critical

Madawi Al-Rasheed - Saudi Arabian scholar and granddaughter of Mohammed bin Talal al-Rasheed, the last prince of the Arabian Emirate of Ha’ilThe creation of the global jihadi movement, to counter the Soviet Union's influence during the cold war, lacked an exit strategy, says Madawi Al-Rasheed, Saudi Arabian scholar and granddaughter of Mohammed bin Talal al-Rasheed - the last prince of the Arabian Emirate of Ha'il. She explains the effect this had on Saudi Arabia after the cold war and why Da'esh (Islamic State - IS) decided to announce a caliphate.

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The fluid world of the 21st century

Towards the end of his life, the Palestinian intellectual Edward Said declared that homeland was no longer important to him. He had spent his life as an exile, and he saw the violence and damage that a sense of place could create – especially when that space was contested by peoples who sought its sole ownership.

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Egypt creates joint Arab military force for Middle East

Photo©ReutersEgypt has urged a joint Arab military force to tackle extremism and unrest in Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq.

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Democracy's tarnished model

Developing economies are bounding ahead amid mounting social discontent. Istanbul, as it turns out, is a good place to discuss politics in Africa.

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Mali, America's new Afghanistan

The hostile nature of the Malian terrain could make anti-terrorists efforts as difficult as Afghanistan/Photo©ReutersAs the United States forces gradually withdraw from Afghanistan after closing shop in Iraq, Mali could become the next frontier for the so called war on terror.

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Why Archbishop Desmond Tutu snubbed Blair

Desmond Tutu/Photo/ReutersNobel peace laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has withdrawn from a Leadership Summit, refusing to share the stage with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

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