Jakaya Kikwete

Tanzania: Waiting for sweet salvation

Photos© Noor KhamisThe government's partnership with Swedish company EcoEnergy was touted as a flagship for foreign investment. NGOs say it is a land grab. Caught in the middle for the past four years are the farmers due compensation

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Agribusiness: Tanzania waits for sweet salvation

Photo©Noor KhamisThe government's partnership with Swedish company EcoEnergy was touted as a flagship for foreign investment. NGOs say it is a land grab. Caught in the middle for the past four years are the farmers due compensation.

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Democracy: Vote and vote again but forget the term limits

altBack in January, 2015 was being hyped as the year of African elections – not because of any great democratic dispensation but because of the neatness of the five in 2015 coinciding with the end of one term of office or another.

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The Tanzanian election race is on

Coming back and under attack: Edward lowassa. Photo© Tony Karumba/AfpThe scrabble to replace Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete seemed like a simple punch-up between two long-standing politicians: foreign minister Bernard Membe and former prime minister and Kikwete ally Edward Lowassa.

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Tanzania: 25 percent cargo capacity increase for Dar es Salaam port

Photo©ReutersCargo volumes at Dar es Salaam port are expected to rise as much as 25 percent this year, helped by expanded capacity and improved efficiency, Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete said in his last address to parliament before an election in October.

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Tanzania's energy minister quits over graft scandal, denies wrongdoing

Tanzania's Energy and Minerals Minister Sospeter Muhongo resigned on Saturday amid a graft scandal that has rocked the gas-rich country and led Western donors to delay aid, though he called himself "incorruptible" and denied wrongdoing.

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Boycott fails in Tanzania

President Jakaya Kikwete and his party did not accept the results of the Constitutional Review Commission for a new constitutionGovernment steamrolls over opposition to pass its third draft constitution.

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What I don't accept is interference - President Paul Kagame, Rwanda

Paul Kagame President, Rwanda. Photo©Vincent Fournier for TARIn a frank interview on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the genocide, President Kagame talked about its repercussions, regional politics and the end of his last term as leader in 2017.

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Tanzania: Joseph Sinde Warioba and the Union

Joseph Sinde Warioba. Photo©RobertoKanda.blogspot.frJoseph Sinde Warioba, Tanzania's former Prime Minister has fallen foul of President Jakaya Kikwete after surveying what people want from a new constitution. Based on his findings, he proposed a three-tiered government.

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Zuma distances himself from 'unauthorised' Zimbabwe comments

South African President, Jacob Zuma/Photo©ReutersSouth African leader, Jacob Zuma has publicly distanced himself recent comments on Zimbabwe by one of his top envoys, in a move seen as appeasing his Zimbabwe counterpart, Robert Mugabe.

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Opinion: Paul Kagame and the fate of the Great Lakes region

President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame/Photo©ReutersThe tectonic plates in Africa's great lakes region appear to be shifting.

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Tanzania's Jakaya Kikwete: Beyond Obama's visit

U.S. President Barack Obama and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete (2nd L) are pictured at an official arrival ceremony for Obama at Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, July 1, 2013. Also pictured is U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (2nd R) and Kikwete's wife Salma Kikwete/Photo©ReutersMaintaining strong ties with the US and China, Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete faces economic and political choices before he steps down in 2015.

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Obama on equality and industrialisation in Africa

US President, Barack Obama/Photo®ReutersAfter calling for an end to the discrimination of homosexuals in Africa while in Senegal, championing liberation icon Nelson Mandela's model of leadership during a visit to South Africa, and unveiling a $15 billion "Power Africa" project, United States President Barack Obama will seal his legacy in Africa with efforts to ensure more private American investment in the continent while in Tanzania.

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Regional implications and Kenyan elections

Trade and security dominated regional calculations over the outcome of the 4 March elections in Kenya, East Africa's largest economy.

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Doublethink in DRC: Kabila and Kagame at the AU

President Kagame's defence minister and senior intelligence officials were accused, in an investigation presented to the UN Security Council in June, of arming and supporting the M23 rebels/Photo/ReutersThe DRC's President Joseph Kabila walked the gauntlet of journalists, then Rwanda's Paul Kagame followed 50 paces behind. Neither leader acknowledged the other.

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