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Ghana Country Profile 2015: Setbacks on the road to prosperity

altGhana will have an uphill struggle in 2015 as the government tries to stabilise the economy after the rough and tumble of a bad year.

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Growth: Jobs, jobs and more jobs

Photos© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JAWithin 35 years Africa will have the world's biggest workforce – finding jobs for them is the top priority for governments throughout the continent as economic conditions get tougher

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Ebola, terrorism and trade high on ECOWAS summit agenda

ECOWAS chairman and Ghana's President, John Dramani Mahama opened the summit. Photo©ReutersWest African leaders have reiterated their commitment to fighting the Ebola outbreak and to tackle the growing security threat in the region.

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Scandals and ridicule haunt Ghana sports ministry

File Photo©ReutersThe chaos that characterised Ghana's football World Cup campaign has cost the minister of sport and his deputy their posts, as President John Dramani Mahama moved in to review the West African nation's performance.

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Ghanaian entrepreneurs put the best foot forward

Tonyi Senayah (left) and Kate Quartey-Papafio want the government to use the huge leverage of its procurement spending to support local manufacturing. Photo©Steve Ababio for TARThough government is now starting to talk the talk on helping business, it has yet to put local manufacturers in its procurement policies.

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Finance: Ghana's smaller fistful of dollars

The cedi’s exchange rate with the dollar slipped from ¢0.90 in 2007 to ¢2.56 in February 2014. Photo©ReutersThe government has restricted forex transactions and raised interest rates to protect the value of the cedi, which has been in decline for several years.

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Ghana seeks home-grown solutions

For two decades, imports of foodstuffs that Ghana produces locally have risen inexorably. Photo©Ulrich Doering/Alamy/Photo 12Business leaders insist that the government must use the current economic woes as an opportunity to revive local industries. Companies want new policies to benefit manufacturers, but public resources are limited, especially given the twin budget and current account deficits.

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Ghana: Strikes, fiscal debt, downgrades, haunt government

President John Dramani Mahama expressed his concern following a 10  day ultimatum by the Trades Union Congress. Photo©ReutersGhana's labour have taken to the streets to protest the high sharp increase in utility tariffs.

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Ghana: Court declares John Mahama validly elected

Ghana's President John Dramani MahamaGhana's President John Dramani Mahama was validly elected in the December 2012 election, the country's highest court, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday after a 50-day live broadcast hearing.

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Ghana's political rivals in election petition to meet over court's verdict

Ghana's President John Mahama is set to meet his rival over the Supreme Court’s verdictGhana's President John Dramani Mahama is to meet his main political opponent Nana Akufo Addo before the country's highest court rules on the 2012 presidential election petition next week.

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Democracy looks to Ghana's supreme court

Ken Ofori-Atta - Retired investment banker and chairman of Ghana’s DatabankThe case before the court will shape political competition across the continent and could lead to the first invalidation of the election of a sitting African president.

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Ghana's democratic virginity bites the dust

Another election in a fledging African democracy, another angry opposition party contesting the verdict of the electoral commission.

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Ghana's opposition confirms court challenge amid police raid denial

Photo©ReutersGhana's opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is going to the Supreme Court to dispute the presidential election result that saw President-elect John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) win 50.7% of the votes cast in the national elections on 7 December.

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Ghana elections: The big questions as last minute results come in

As Ghana awaits the official results of Friday's presidential election, The Africa Report's editor-in-chief Patrick Smith reports from the capital Accra. 


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Who will take Ghana's swing states?

As Ghana prepares for the first round of elections tomorrow, 7 December, The Africa Report's editorial assistant Billie McTernan blogs from Accra about the crucial swing states that will seal the winning route to State House. 


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Ghana: Tough questions after tragic Melcom mall collapse

Photo©ReutersAt least nine people have been confirmed dead, while 69 others were rescued from the rubble of a building that caved in on Wednesday in Ghana's capital, Accra, as a fallout over who owned the building threatens to shadow the disaster.

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Ghana appoints commissioner on judgement debts, opposition wants cross-party approach

Ghana's President, John Dramani Mahama has appointed a sole commissioner to investigate issues surrounding the payment of a series of huge judgement debts by the state, their foundations and viability.

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Ghana: Mahama steadies the ship after the death of President Mills

img AttaMillsThe death of 68-year-old President John Atta Mills on 24 July opens up a tussle for the leadership in Ghana's ruling National Democratic Congress ahead of national elections in December.


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