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Ghana: We are listening to business - John Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama. Photo©Steve Ababio for TARThe list of the government's priorities for reform is long, from improving the business environment to cutting deficits and expanding the provision of free secondary education

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Why is Ghana's currency collapsing?

Photo©ReutersIf Ghana's currency, the cedi is plunging, it is by no means because of the new US Federal Reserve policy, as suggested by the country's president John Mahama, but rather because the country's deficits have skyrocketed.

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Ghana's big contracts and political cronies

Unfortunately for Ghana's President John Mahama, the list of financial scandals he and his predecessor the late John Atta Mills failed to resolve is lengtheningCorruption allegations have continued to dog Ghana's President Mahama's campaign to tackle financial woes.

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Ghana govt adopts opposition free education plan in president's State of the Nation address

Ghana's President, John Dramani Mahama. Photo©ReutersGhana will look toward boosting its local industries to strengthen its economy, President John Dramani Mahama said at the annual state of the nation address in parliament.

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Ghana's economy goes on trial

Mahama is facing criticism for the country’s debt problem. Photo©Rex Features/Rex/SIPAAfter the Supreme Court dismissed challenges to President Mahama's 2012 electoral victory in August, 2013, the country's combative politicians have shifted to a new battlefield. Now it is all about the economy and whether the government's great industrialisation strategy is reality or rhetoric.

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Ghana: Court summons minister on petition verdict claims amid ministerial review

Ghanaian ministers are to undergo a performance review, a year after the ruling National Democratic Congress came into power.

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Ghana 2014 budget aims at 8 pct GDP growth, 8.5 pct deficit

Ghana will announce an economic growth target of 8 percent in 2014 in its budget on Tuesday and will seek to trim its budget deficit to 8.5 percent of gross domestic product, senior government sources told Reuters.

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The grace period is over

Around-the-clock sermons about brotherly love and religious music blared from radio and television sets in the week leading up to the Supreme Court's verdict on Ghana's presidential election petition.

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Ghana's election verdict: No such thing as a perfect election - Mahama

NDC counsels speak to the press after the verdict. Photo©Shao Haijun/Xinhua PreSS/CorbisPoliticians and activists draw lessons from the mammoth election review that reached its conclusion on 29 August.

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Streets deserted after Ghana court verdict

In a press conference shortly after the verdict, broadcast live on radio, Akufo-Addo stated that the party had accepted the result/Photo©J.Obeng for TARThe legal dispute that has stretched over the last eight months, following Ghana's presidential and parliamentary elections last December has come to end.

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Ghana: High noon in the highest court

Akufo-Addo and supporters outside the Supreme Court/Photo©yawowusu.blogspot.frThe political drama in the Supreme Court in Accra is heading for its dénouement.

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The thing about Kenya and Ghana

Kenya and Ghana are at antipodal continental lengths, but they have shared a similar electoral tale.

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The electoral verdict race between Kenya and Ghana

Ghana's political rivals are a step closer to resolving their court room deadlock. In Kenya, a similar battle has thus far taken a shorter time to resolve.

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Ghana: Opposition, NPP stages walk out as President addresses nation

Ghana's opposition MPs have vowed to continue boycotting functions where President Mahama would be officiating/Photo©ReutersGhana's opposition MPs on Thursday walked out of Parliament as President John Mahama arrived to present his state of the nation's address protesting the outcome of last year's elections.

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Ghana election results: Another party backs NPP fraud claims

Ghana's Electoral Commission (EC) has remained mum despite growing anger over its handling of the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.

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Large turn out as Ghana presidential polls open

A ruling party supporter holds up a mock ballot paper for President John Dramani Mahama in Accra ahead of 7 December election. © Gabriela Barnuevo/AP/SIPAA large turnout was recorded at polling stations across Ghana when voting began at 7 AM on Friday in crucial presidential and parliamentary elections.


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Accra sways to the beat of final election rallies

Billie McTernan blogs from Accra ahead of the first round of voting in Ghana's presidential election


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Democracy brewed in an African pot

As Ghanaians prepare to go to the polls, the whole country is awash with political party paraphernalia underscoring a grassroots appreciation of political pluralism.

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President Mahama Charmed Me too

President Mahama did his admirers and certainly my very difficult-to-please self great good as he appeared presidential in his delivery. He could win unsuspecting and undecided hearts too. He did well to rehearse and pour out his 4--point vision.

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