Joseph Kony

Panic as armed men attack major northern Uganda police station

A group of men engaged the police and army in a fierce gun-fire exchange on Sunday night in Gulu, the biggest urban centre in northern Uganda, reigniting fears this could escalate and see a repeat of the country's bloody past.

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Ugandan rebel commander's ICC pre-trial set for Thursday

Dominic Ongwen is one of four LRA commanders indicted by ICC over crimes against humanity.Former Ugandan rebel commander Dominic Ongwen's pre-trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) will start on Thursday, the Hague based court has said.

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Brutal LRA rebel group in crisis

There have been key defections with commanders like Dominic Ongwen surrendering to authoritiesThe reign of terror by Uganda's once brutal rebel group, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), could be drawing towards an end after it suffered mass desertions, a leading rights group has said.

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Ugandan authorities in conundrum over LRA commander's surrender

Dominic Ongwen surrendered himself to Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic (CAR) before he was transferred to United State and Ugandan forces Uganda is contemplating handing over a senior commander of the brutal Lord Resistance Army (LRA) rebel movement to the International Criminal Court (ICC) after he handed himself in.

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Blind clashes in the dense, occupied forests of Central Africa

File Photo©ReutersForces in the forests of Central Africa have clashed as instability and lawlessness continue to attract insurgent groups, bandits, vigilantes, deserters and renegades, as well as government forces from several countries.

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Joseph Kony's LRA rebels want to return home

LRA rebels say they have not heard from their leader, Joseph KonyAfter years of living in the inhospitable jungle of the Central African Republic, some members of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), Uganda's notorious rebel movement, have expressed their will to surrender their arms and return to their homes in northern Uganda.

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Uganda: LRA's warlord, Kony plans to surrender

Lord's Resistance Army warlord, Joseph Kony has been indicted for war crimes by the ICCElusive jungle warlord, Joseph Kony and his fighters have considered the option of surrendering and be resettled in the Central African Republic, reports emerging from the central African nation claim.

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Nodding syndrome preys on the displaced

File Photo©ReutersWalter Ojok should be enjoying his life as a young teenage boy with all life's trials and tribulations. Instead, he lies hapless and nude on a stack of dry reeds, peering at the grass thatched roof of his family's hut, unable to communicate, always watched over.

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Hunt for Kony suspended, as AU engages Seleka rebels

Joseph Kony, LRA rebel leader was indicted alongside five of his commanders by the ICC over crimes against humanity The African Union has called for the suspension of the search for Ugandan rebel leader, Joseph Kony in the Central African Republic, as it engages Seleka rebels that recently took over leadership in that country.

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Rebel leader's chief bodyguard killed in CAR

Joseph Kony, leader of rebel group Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is being hunted by joint troops from Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and CARTroops hunting for the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in the Central African Republic (CAR) claim to have killed the rebel movement's leader's chief body guard.

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Ethiopia's homeless Prime Minister

Sometimes we Ethiopians like to boast. The first in everything! The cradle of mankind. The first bare foot runner to win the marathon...

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