People to Watch: Pitching in for the chance of a better DRC

The months to come will show who shoots for the presidential seat, but some people are already making progress in their goals for the country.

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Tipping the balance with DRC's gold

Artisanal miners scrape in the dirt while commodity traders make billions. Photo©Robin Hammond/Panos-REAIn the remote gold mining town of Musebe, in Haut Katanga district, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a collection of diggers who are covered in dust are huddled around a market stall.

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DRC's Rawbank continues to grow despite weak markets

A pioneer in retail banking, Rawbank was one of the first in the DRC to issue credit cards. Photo©Baudouin Mouanda for JAThe potential of the DRC banking sector is limited, but Rawbank is still seeking to innovate and capture a larger share of the national customer base.

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Mining: More digging, more problems

No smoke without fire: Gécamines is shrouded in complex and murky deals. Photo©GWENN DUBOURTHOUMIEUDemocratic Republic of Congo's state-owned Gécamines is continuing its restructuring plans but it has not shown a commitment to transparency or an ability to raise funds.

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Railway: Angola's iron, snake forked tongue

A dead-end siding leads to a locomotive graveyard in Luena, Moxico Province. Photo©John GroblerAngola's rehabilitated Caminho de Ferro de Benguela has spawned government-backed construction projects and a new, Chinese, middle class. The Africa Report delves beneath the success story, where opaque deals keep far too many on the wrong side of the tracks.

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The reluctant politician in DR Congo's powerhouse

Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, Governor, Katanga Province. Photo©Kalpesh Lathigra for JAThe cowboy hats, jeans and acclamation on the streets tell their own story: Katumbi is every inch a super-star football proprietor. He is also tipped as the DRC's next president.

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DRC's rising and setting stars

Jaynet Kabila (1), Jean- Claude Masangu (2), Koffi Olomide (3). Photos ©junior D. kannah/afp - vincent fournier/ja - frederique jouvalVeterans find it hard to cede to young contenders in politics, business and music. In the east, new tough guys on the block are flexing their muscles.

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DRC: Producing more to import less

Tenke Fungurume Mining has started training local farmers to improve their yields. Photo©LászLó Bencze/TFMCultivated agricultural areas are growing, herds are getting larger and harvests are rising, but this is far from enough to satisfy local markets in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The 50 most influential Africans: Moïse Katumbi Chapwe

img50MIA RDC MoiseKatumbiChapwe p24 480x255Moïse Katumbi Chapwe - The people's governor.

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The 'creseurs' of Katanga: A precarious life

‘Creseurs’ wait on the slopes outside Kamfundwa mine to scrabble for copper in the falling earth/ALEXIA LIAKOUNAKOUArtisanal miners risk their lives to collect waste from state-run mining operations, and attempts to regulate the sector have failed.

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