Papa Wemba: A rumba ambassador with an angelic voice

The late Papa Wemba ©STR/AFPPopular singer Papa Wemba woke the world up to the urban sounds of Kinshasa and spawned the flamboyant dress style known as 'la sape'. The story of Papa Wemba's journey to superstardom reads like something from a work of fiction.

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Democratic Republic of Congo: The Kabila legacy

Photos© Stephane de Sakutin/AFPWith little more than a year left before President Kabila is due to step down, The Africa Report looks into where he has kept his promises and where they have fallen down. One issue remains unclear: whether he will strengthen Congolese democracy or join the ranks of presidents seeking to stay in power at all costs

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Jean-Pierre Bokondji a.k.a. Jupiter: I've had many lives

Photos© Florent de la Tullaye/Belle Kinoise ProdMinisterial private secretary, funeral musician, international pop star and the subject of a documentary, Jupiter's orbit continues as he promotes congolese culture to the world

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DRC: Jean Bamanisa Saïdi, Kisangani's loved governor

Kisangani governor, Jean Bamanisa Saïdi. Photo©Gwenn Dubourthoumieu For TARNot wholly trusted by President Kabila and his allies in Kinshasa, the governor of Orientale Province is attacking the bureaucracy in the capital and pushing for Kisangani to manage its own affairs.

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Agriculture: Farming zones to fight rising imports

The government plans to turn the DRC into a land of plenty. Photo©Yannick Tylle/CORBISThe main policy of the government's agricultural plan is the creation of 20 agro-industrial parks, but Kinshasa may have trouble attracting foreign investors.

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Who will pull DRC's trigger?

Frantz Fanon's evocation of Africa as shaped like a revolver with Congo as its trigger is as apposite today as when the Martinique-born philosopher coined it half a century ago.

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Diplomacy in east Africa: Spokes and Spanners in the DRC wheel

DRC President Joseph Kabila. Photo©ReutersIf Kinshasa has some ugly bones of contention with neighboring states, it is also in negotiation for several joint projects.

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Will DR Congo and Rwanda go to war?

If the city of Goma falls to the marauding M23 rebels, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda may go to war, Kinshasa has warned.

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Staff Benda Bilili Rumba-funk warriors rock the Albert Hall

The unstoppable Staff Benda Bilili/Photo©CHRISTOPHE MACPHERSON CRAMMED DISCS HIRESAlongside a new album release, Kinshasa-based Staff Benda Bilili "shook the world" at the BBC Proms this summer.

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Urbanisation in Africa: A New Town

EKO ATLANTIC, LAGOS 25,000 homes and flood protection for Victoria IslandProperty developers are building satellite cities and new housing compounds on the outskirts of some of Africa's largest cities, demonstrating a new trend in African urbanization.

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