Lagos – a hard city to live in, and even harder to die in - Bassey Ikpi

I heard the violently off-key choir of the church next door before I even considered opening my eyes. The static fuzz from the ancient PA system swirling through the apartment told me two things: I was awake and I was alive.

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Nigeria: Lagos, Maximum City

Lekki has risen up from the swamps in the past 10 years, perhaps the world’s fastest-growing urban corridor. Photo©George Osodi/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesThough it caters to the powerful and rich, Lagos will rise faster if it takes everyone along for the ride. Will new governor Ambode nudge the city down the right track?

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South Africa-Nigeria: The heart of the matter

altEconomics should drive Nigeria and South Africa closer together. structurally, the prospects are bright: the two economies are quite different in terms of resources, productive capacity, technological development and market size.

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Etiquette schools: The icing on the cake

Photos© Tom Saater for TARFor savvy Nigerian parents schooling in manners is about more than social status: they aim to buy their children an edge in the competitive world of work. We spent a week in Lagos with the kids who are copping the right moves

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Interview: 2Face Idibia and Wizkid - A meeting of two titans

The Nigerian music stars got together for a generational mash-up that produced the club sensation 'Dance Go'

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Trend hunter: Mama put gets a facelift

Photos© http://www.grubsmagazine.com/Getting their name from "mama put small", which is Nigerian pidgin for "ma, add a little", mama puts are streetside purveyors of Nigerian soul food.

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A day in a Life: Light on his feet in a Lagos traffic

Photo©Ben Figo EzeamaluA police traffic warden in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos, Daniel Nwana is known as 'the Dancing Cop' for the finesse he brings to his traffic duties.

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US offers support to tackle Boko Haram

The United States, which does not want to sell arms to Nigerian, has pledged to share communications equipment and intelligence with Lagos to aid its fight against Islamist group Boko Haram.

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How diverse is Nigeria's economy across state lines?

Lagos is thriving on successful tax collection and lucrative public-private partnerships. Photo©GWENN DUBOURTHOUMIEU FOR JAA breakdown of Africa's largest economy into its 36 states shows striking differences. Poorer states need to expand their revenue bases to catch up.

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Nigeria's commercial capital in waste disposal pandemic

IA scavenger picks up trash for recycling at the Olusosun dump site in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos in this March 23, 2012 file photo©ReutersLagos State, Nigeria's commercial hub, now generates 12,000 metric tonnes of waste per day, exceeding the capacity of the state's waste management authority.

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Nigeria: Boko Haram penetrating Nigeria's west and southeast

Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram's ability to strike at the heart of the country's capital Abuja and its commercial nerve centre – Lagos- as well as the recent arrest of 60 members of the sect in the southeast is a reminder that the group has penetrated the pivotal fabrics of the Nigeria state.

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Africa's 15 richest cities in 2030

Luanda, Angola's capital, will join Africa's club of urban economic giants, alongside Cape Town and Johannesburg. Photo©ReutersAfrican cities will in 2030 experience a higher growth rate than in other regions of the world, an Oxford Economics, in its top 15 African cities in 2030, report says.

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Nigeria's manufacturers in the making

Innoson Vehicles has won state contracts. Photo©federal ministry informationNigeria's manufacturers are still recovering from the decimation wrought by structural adjustment and trade liberalisation policies some three decades ago.

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Saro: Nigeria's own Broadway-type musicals born in Lagos

The success of Saro suggests a brighter future for Nigerian theatre after it received resounding reviewsNigeria's first Broadway style musical production has opened in the country's economic capital, Lagos.

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Recycling waste can create 500,000 jobs in Nigeria - Wecyclers CEO, Bilikis

Bilikis Adebiyi, CEO and Founder of Wecyclers, and Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards winnerWecyclers is a social enterprise which incentivizes people living in poor areas of Lagos to recycle their household waste, preventing it from piling up. Lagos born and raised Founder and CEO Bilikiss Adebeyi, previously worked at IBM and conceived of the idea whilst doing an MBA at MIT business school. At 31 she is a mother of two, and was recently chosen as a Laureate of the Cartier Women's Initiative Award.

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Urbanisation: Lagos, Nigeria, Keeping up with the changes

The high-rises of the modern city are a distant dream for the inhabitants of Makoko slum. Photo©ReutersLagos is getting the rehabilitation it needs after years of neglect, though some neighbourhoods are being left behind and public cynicism runs deep.

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Nigerian commercial justice on trial

Locked out: Nigerians remain frustrated and impotent in the face of delays and irregularities in the justice system/Photo©Akintunde Akinleye/ReutersNigerian business owners find that seeking the intervention of the courts is often a long, difficult and costly ordeal.

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Nigeria's reforms chug along, sometimes stall

Toot, toot! President Goodluck Jonathan kept his promise to invest fuel subsidy money into roads and rail – and got a cement train named after him/Photo©PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFPThe Nigerian government is pressing on with renewal in all transport sectors with varying degrees of success.

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A city emerges from Nigeria's ocean

The future Prime Water View Gardens: a three-bed is yours for N33m/Photo©NICHOLAS NORBROOKThe overhaul of Victoria Island and the Lekki Peninsula mark another milestone for Lagos's urban renewal.

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Why is Africa's new middle class slow to enter the car market?

Chinese brands such as Geely are selling cars from around $10,000Strong economic growth and a new middle class are terms that have become synonymous with Africa over the last few years.

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