African Union to deploy troops to South Sudan

United Nations soldiers patrol Juba for security protection of civilians with the Mission's Nepalese Force Protection. Photo: Eric Kanalstein/AP/SIPAThe African Union (AU) has agreed to send a regional force to South Sudan after a recent outbreak of fighting left the country in danger of returning to civil war.

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DRC's rebel stalemate

With the surrender of M23 in 2013, the vacuum has been filled by dozens of other armed groups. Photo©James Akena/ReutersAn estimated 70 militia groups are active in eastern DRC, with a spate of clashes in recent months. As the tally of displaced people rises, UN and government forces seem unable to shift the balance of power.

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DR Congo refugees return home from Uganda

Fighting between DRC government troops and M23 rebels saw a hike in the number of refugees. Photo©ReutersThousands of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) living in camps in Uganda have started returning home.

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DRC to repatriate nationals from Uganda

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has resolved to repatriate 21,000 of its nationals who are exiled in Uganda following the deaths of more than 100 Congolese refugees in a boat accident in Lake Albert.

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DRC flushes out Ugandan rebels

File photo©ReutersDemocratic Republic of Congo (DRC) military forces have started flushing out Ugandan rebels in training camps in the Central African country, reports say.

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We have got the African continent talking - AU chief

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma Chair, African Union CommissionSixteen months into her mandate, Dlamini-Zuma is encouraged by consultations on the future and the reform of the commission.

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Africa in 2014: Will Kinshasa, DRC win the peace?

Jubilation at the defeat of the Mouvement du 23 Mars (M23) rebels by a combination of the Congolese government, United Nations (UN) and African forces will be brief, given the long list of pressing political and military tasks in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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Renegade General now persona non grata in Ugandan parliament

General David Sejusa fled the Uganda after airing his concerns about reports claiming that the president's was being groomed to succeed him.Renegade Ugandan army general David Sejusa has officially been expelled from parliament where he was one of the 10 army representatives.

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Uganda-led peace deal between DRC and M23 stalls

A peace deal between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the M23 Movement stalled Monday after government representatives refused to enter the conference room where the treaty was to be signed.

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1,700 M23 rebels surrender in Uganda, amid rejection of leader's capture

General Sultan Makenga, leader of M23. Photo©ReutersThe Ugandan army is holding some 1,700 M23 Congolese rebel fighters, who crossed into the country on Wednesday and surrendered themselves to authorities, but a military spokesman has rejected claims of the capture of the group's leader.

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Several M23 rebels flee DRC to Uganda

More than 50 M23 rebels have fled from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Uganda's western district of Kisoro following assaults by Congo and United Nations (UN) forces.

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Thousands flee DRC rebels, flock to Uganda

File Photo©ReutersOver 4000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly women and children have fled to Uganda's north western district of Koboko following attacks by rebel forces.

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DRC defeating the M23 rebellion

The Democratic Republic of Congo's is on the verge of defeating one of the most brutal rebel groups, ending a 20-month uprising which has displaced tens of thousands of people, UN observers have said.

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DR Congo and M23 deal threatened

President of Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila Kabila has rejected proposals endorsed by rebel movement, M23The Democratic Republic of Congo has rejected proposals for a blanket amnesty for the commanders of the Tutsi-led rebellion and the reintegration of M23 fighters into the Congolese national army.

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Rwanda, Uganda not DRC's keeper

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni (L) and Rwandan President, Paul Kagame (R) have argued that DRC needs to take care of its own issuesThe Democratic Republic of Congo will get no help from Rwanda and Uganda to restore peace and civility in the volatile nation, the leaders of the two countries have said.

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Elections are a luxury item - Prime Minister

Prime minister since May 2012, Matata Ponyo sees himself as a reformer: will his pragmatism pay off? Photo©AFPPrime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo Mapon talks candidly to The Africa Report about democracy, the country's recent economic performance and negotiations with the M23 rebels.

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Democratic Republic of Congo at a crossroads

Kinshasa: a modern city whose citizens enjoy more freedoms than in many neighbouring capitals. Photo©Baudouin Mouanda For JaGDP growth is soaring, inflation is low, and the resource potential is huge. Can the Democratic Republic of Congo achieve its potential or will vested interests trip it up?

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Uganda investigates M23 recruitments

File photo©ReutersUgandan authorities are investigating allegations that Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) rebel-group, M23 is recruiting its nationals for military training.

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No South African troops injured in DRC - Zuma

South African President Jacob ZumaNo South African troops have been seriously injured in the Democratic Republic of Congo, President Jacob Zuma has said.

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Opinion: Paul Kagame and the fate of the Great Lakes region

President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame/Photo©ReutersThe tectonic plates in Africa's great lakes region appear to be shifting.

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