Zimbabwe: Thousands hit the streets in anti-Mugabe protest

Opposition party supporters march during a protest aimed at President Robert Mugabe in Harare, Zimbabwe, Thursday, March, 14, 2016. Photo©AP Photo/Tsvangirayi MukwazhiZimbabwe's main opposition party MDC on Thursday staged an unlikely demonstration, attracting close to 10,000 people in the capital, Harare demanding an end to President Robert Mugabe's rule.

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Fired Zimbabwe Vice-President unveils manifesto

Joice Mujuru, Zimbabwe's former Vice PresidentA former Zimbabwe Vice President has published a manifesto, signaling her return to active politics a few months after she was fired by President Robert Mugabe.

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Mugabe's govt warned over brewing electoral promise unrest

During the 2013 presidential campaign, Mugabe (90) made a raft of enticing pledges to create 2.2 million jobs and stem the economic collapse. Photo©ReutersZimbabwean President Robert Mugabe must make good on his election campaign promises or risk civil unrest from an increasingly restive public service, the speaker of the country's national service has warned.

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Zimbabwe delays 2014 budget after financial support rejection

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa says a pre-budget meeting with IMF and the World Bank failed to yield expected results. Photo©ReutersZimbabwe says it efforts to secure financial support from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have been rejected amid reports the country's external debt now stands at $11 billion.

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Zimbabwe: Reading between the political lines

Time for a change? The MDC did not offer much to contrast with the ‘tried and tested’ formula. Photo©ALEXANDER JOE/AFPThe big questions – leadership succession in the two main parties, economic strategy and foreign policy – remain unanswered despite the peak of international interest in the elections. But many voters wanted little more than to avoid the murderous violence of 2008.

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Zimbabwe: MDC unable to prove election rigging - MDC-T official

A top MDC-T official has admitted that her party lost the July 31 elections to rival President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and they were still to find evidence to back their rigging claims.

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Concerns over special voting mount in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has announced that the country's armed forces will vote mid July amid reports that over 50 000 police officers have registered as special voters.

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Tough road ahead for Zimbabwe Electoral Commission's new head

Rita Makarau/Photo©TSVANGIRAYI MUKWAZHIRita Makarau, the new chair of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has a formidable task ahead of her.

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Mugabe "deeply concerned" over violence

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe says the police must account for all cases of politically-motivated violence regardless of the status of those involvedZimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has instructed the police to arrest all perpetrators of political violence amid heightened tensions ahead of elections.

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Zimbabwe Party threatens clampdown against businesses with Mugabe links

Zimbabwe Premier Morgan Tsvangirai’s party MDC-T plans a massive crack down on ‘corrupt’ businesspeople and kick out diamond mining firms perceived to be bankrolling President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF.

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Mugabe's vacation could thwart Zimbabwe elections

Zimbabwean politicak analysts say President Robert Mugabe should have suspended his holiday and addressed the constitutional draft impasse that his party has largely caused/Photo©ReutersSpeculation on when Zimbabwe will hold its elections continues to grow, with analysts saying it was highly unlikely that the polls will be held in March.

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Zimbawe: MDC plans fall apart

By 2016, Morgan Tsvangirai would have been at the helm of the MDC party for 17 yearsZimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC-T party has dangled a carrot to other opposition parties to join it in an electoral pact ahead of next year's elections.

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Zimbabwe's coalition in danger of collapse ahead of polls

Zimbabwe PM, Tsvangirai says he will Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has threatened to pull out of the inclusive government with President Robert Mugabe, five months before the country holds general elections.

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Zimbabwe: President Mugabe's polls proposal dismissed

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe wants the country's next election to be held in March 2013President Robert Mugabe has proposed that the southern African country have elections next March, but his rivals quickly dismissed the timeline as unfeasible.

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Mugabe will win presidential election - survey

President Robert Mugabe has been at the helm of affairs since Zimbabwe's independence/Photo/SipaAn independent poll shows that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's support is surging while that of his main rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has dropped significantly.

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