Mauritania Country Profile 2015: Plotting a post-Abdel Aziz future

altAfter winning re-election on 21 June 2014 with 82% of the vote, President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz will continue to focus on bolstering his anti-terrorism credentials while seeking to play the mediator in conflicts in the Sahel region.

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Battling the bottom feeders

European, South Korean and Russian fishing vessels have been pillaging West African fish stocks for decades.

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United Nations on racism and marginalisation against people of African descent

Sam Kahamba Kutesa, President of the United Nations General Assembly’s sixty-ninth session. Photo©Africa Section/Paddy IlosThe transatlantic slave trade and colonialism led to the scattering of people of African descent throughout the world. They continue to be marginalised and discriminated against to this day. In an exclusive interview, the United Nations President of the 69thGeneral Assembly, Uganda's Sam Kutesa, explains why the global body is so concerned about discrimination against people of African descent and its recent decision to dedicate a whole decade to them. 2015-2024 is the International Decade for People of African Descent.

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Tullow Oil reviews African assets in shift to onshore investments

Tullow Oil says it will concentrate its investment focus on its producing assets and existing discoveries because of weak oil prices and poor offshore drilling results.

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Is Africa getting fat?

Africa's GDP is growing but so too are africans' waistlines, according to new data. The story of african malnutrition is well known, but is the continent now facing a new and equally deadly challenge: obesity?

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Tullow says Mauritania well opens new oil play

British explorer Tullow Oil said it found oil and gas-condensate at a key well off the coast of Mauritania, in a development it described as opening a new oil play in the West African country.

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Hannibal: The Maghreb makes another stab at a regional market

Member countries have agreed to contribute $20m each to create a $100m capital base for the UMA's new regional bankCheck the dictionary definition of 'moribund', and you may well find it illustrated by the Union du Maghreb Arabe (UMA).

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Mauritania: A love affair with Slavery

In this 21st century of ours, there is still a country where men, women and children considered as black are "constitutionally" inferior and can be led to the slaughter, like sheep without the slightest remorse or legal recourse. Shockingly, that country is in Africa.

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Towards an oil blessing or curse

Photo©Reuters‪While the discovery of oil in some African countries may hold the key out of poverty, the opposite cannot be overlooked. "If you find yourself at the crossroads, it's your determination that can lead you to the case of Botswana or Ghana and not other worse oil scenarios in the world" says Professor Paul Collier, director of the International Growth Centre.‬

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Morocco vs Western Sahara: Shifting narratives

Polisario camps lack the job opportunities that might keep Sahrawi youth gainfully employed/Photo©MOHAMED MESSARA/EPA/CORBISReports of Sahrawis joining Islamist forces in Mali are no help to diplomacy.

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Power broker: Funding energy growth in Africa - Makhtar Diop

MAKHTAR DIOP Vice-president for Africa, World Bank/Photo©Vincent Fournier for JADiop brings years of World Bank experience to the new post along with an eye for the development of regional infrastructure and a desire for more transparency and oversight for the natural resource sector.

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The 50 most influential Africans: El-Ghassim Wane

El-Ghassim WaneEl-Ghassim Wane - Spokesman and behind-the-scenes negotiator.

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Country Profile 2012: MAURITANIA

The opposition has sent a chill through the political environment by accusing the government of repression, discrimination and running a military regime disguised as a democracy.

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Mauritania: Enslaving Africans in Africa in 2012

To better comprehend Mauritania, one should understand that slavery has been abolished three times! The fourth abolishment of slavery is yet to be announced as the widespread practice continues unabated.

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Recent alliances break and new ones are formed in Mali

Islamist police now patrol the streets of Gao enforcing sharia law/Photo/ISSOUF SANOGOBeatings for breaking religious codes and whippings for carrying cigarettes, drinking beer or breaking curfew – armed Islamists have driven more than 90,000 residents from northern Mali across the border to a make-shift camp in Mbera, eastern Mauritania.


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