Telecoms: Skype no more

Illustration©Adria FruitosMorocco is the latest African government to ban free internet calling services, riling consumers, who say traditional calling is too expensive.

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Green revolution: Harnessing earth, wind and fire

Photo©©PAUL LANGROCK/ZENIT-LAIF-REAOnly one in four Africans have access to electricity according to World Bank estimations, making the energy shortfall one of the most critical barriers to continental development.

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Morocco gets two-year $3.5 billion IMF credit line

Photo©Reuters/ Kim Kyung-HoonThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) has granted Morocco a two-year $3.5 billion credit line for structural reforms to prompt more rapid and inclusive economic growth, Rabat's finance ministry said on Saturday.

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Morocco: Leased farmland attracts $1.4 bn investment in 2015

File photo©John Locher/AP/SIPAPrivate investments in Moroccan state-owned land leased to farmers and investors have reached 14 billion dirhams ($1.4 billion) at the end of 2015, a statement from the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

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Morocco plans to sell 40 percent stake in port operator, Marsa Maroc

Photo©Paul Schemm/AP/SIPAMorocco is planning to sell a 40 percent stake in state-owned port operator Marsa Maroc via an initial public offering (IPO) on the Casablanca stock exchange, bourse regulator AMMC said on Monday.

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'Green fields' of insurance growth

Photo©ReutersAfrica's insurance markets are expanding more slowly than other emerging regions', but major groups are looking to enter new markets, which could speed things along.

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Finance: Morocco cuts 2016 growth forecast, to renegotiate IMF credit line

Moroccan Minister of Economy and Finance Mohamed Boussaid. Photo© Sait Serkan Gurbuz/AP/SIPAMorocco has cut its economic growth forecast for this year to less than 2 percent from 3 percent, after the cereal harvest suffered its worst drought in three decades, the finance minister said on Monday.

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Morocco farm sector sheds 28,000 jobs due to drought

File Photo©Abdeljalil Bounhar/AP/SIPAUnemployment in Morocco stood at 10 percent at the end of March, up from 9.9 percent a year earlier, official data showed on Thursday, after a severe drought hit the agriculture sector that accounts for more than 15 percent of national output.

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Africans investing in Africa

Leading the pack – from left to right: Gavin Dalgleish - ILLOVO, Ismaïl Douiri - ATTIJARIWAFA Bank, Ade Ayeyemi - ECOBANK, Tabitha Karanja - Keroche Breweries. Photo©Martin rhodes/Gallo Images/Getty Images; Attijariwafa; Guilhem Alandry Documentography for JA; Noor Khamis/ReutersAfter a day and a half of high-level discussions at an Africa investment conference, Arnold Ekpe, non-executive chairman of financial services holding firm Atlas Mara and former chief executive of Ecobank, sounds slightly exasperated. "African countries are not doing enough for themselves," he says. "I have been going to conferences like this for 20 years. We have to move from talk to action."

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Renewable energy: Green is the real deal

Near Ouarzazarte, Morocco, Noor 1’s sea of solar mirrors shimmers in the desert sun. Photo©FADEL SENNA/AFPCrucially, the economics – and also the politics – of building renewable energy projects in Africa are changing. Japan is helping Kenya lead the way in geothermal, while innovative payment plans in Nigeria and huge state backing in Morocco are accelerating solar generation.

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Oil & Gas: Moroccan refiner Samir appeals court decision on liquidation

File photo©ReutersMoroccan oil refiner Samir has lodged an appeal against a court decision that placed it into liquidation and named an independent trustee to run the company, the refiner's lawyer said on Friday.

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Top 500 companies: How to thrive in 2016

The retail and utility sectors were the best performers in The Africa Report's Top 500 companies this year – based on 2014 company results – while oil and mining showed weaknesses that will continue to influence their results in 2015 and 2016.

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Morocco : Court puts oil refiner Samir into liquidation - company source, media

Photo©ReutersA Moroccan court has placed the country's only oil refiner Samir into liquidation and named an independent trustee, a company source and local media said on Monday.

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When China sneezes, does Africa catch a cold?

While commodity exporters will feel the pinch from China's recent economic slowdown, the price collapse may help with the continent's much-needed economic transformation.

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Film & Cinema: Tunisians defy censorship and win awards

A scene from much loved. Photo©All Rights ReservedThe November 2015 Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia showed there is a demand for more challenging and thought-provoking films, despite strong voices of disapproval in the region.

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TV & Cinema: Pushing out beyond the comfort zone

Women’s Prison by Kamla Abu Zekry (Left), Mohamed Khan’s Factory Girls (Right Bottom) Nabil Ayouch’s Much Loved (Right Top). Photo©All Rights ReservedA new wave of North African filmmakers is defying moral conservatism to turn a candid lens on the harsh and disturbing realities of women's lives.

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Electricity: Who's got watts?

Political and bureaucratic blockages are weighing on big-ticket power projects. Photo©Petterik Wiggers/PANOS-REAThere are big pushes for Africa to be electrified, but the continent is far from plugged in. Projects have been slow to develop even as new money has been looking for ventures.

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Across Africa, a people's 2016 manifesto

From Cape Town to Casablanca, The Africa Report took the continent's temperature, talking to everyone from shoe sellers to politicians and financiers to identify their policy priorities and what issues they want to see making headlines in 2016.

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More bills than thrills for Africa's middle class

Last of the big spenders: say goodbye to the middle-class myth. Photo©Per-Anders Pettersson/CosmosA new study by Africa-focused distribution company CFAO argues that Africa's middle classes are smaller, more conservative and more fragile than others have claimed.

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Technology: Qelasy tablets target the Francophone education market

Photos© All rights reservedBy the end of 2016, businessman Thierry N'Doufou hopes that around 20,000 children across Africa will have one of his Qelasy tablets in their backpacks.

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