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By Lidudmalingani

Bongeziwe Mabandla - Credits: E BELL DOMAN
With music that seeps into ones veins like a magic potion, the melancholic South African folk musician is touring with his album Mangaliso


What are you listening to right now?

I mostly listen to the new songs I’m working on. I just did a song with David Scott and it’s a real jam. I listen to it all the time. I can’t wait till it’s out. I have always had ideas and wanted to experiment with dance music and I finally got the chance with this song.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

At the moment it would have to be Petite Noir, Zoe and Samthing Soweto. I really love what they are doing. I also love their vibe and how beautifully down-to-earth they are.

Favourite place you have performed in?

Favourite has to be at home in front of the mirror. I mean, the shows I have done there have been some of my best.

Favourite place you would like to perform at?

I want to one day perform at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and Glastonbury Festival.

If your next album were to be a different genre, what genre would it be?

Hip hop.

What other sounds, besides music, do you like to hear?

The ocean, rural landscapes, babies’ laughter.

How do you get around Johannesburg?

I mainly use Uber. I don’t know how to drive yet but I think it’s time I did. Uber’s great but I think I would prefer to drive alone. In fact this has been on my mind. 



This article first appeared in the November 2018 print edition of The Africa Report magazine

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