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African Angles: That age-old Hypocrisy over Ukraine

Anti-Yanukovich protesters wave a Ukranian flag atop a Ukranian Army Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) outside the parliament building in Kiev February 27, 2014. Activists gathered outside parliament in Kiev as deputies vote for a new national unity government to govern the country until elections in May. Photo©ReutersThe US government is stuck in a Cold War mentality and using Ukraine for its own geopolitical goals.

In the last few months Ukraine progressed into a self-destructive mode with incredible speed.

This former Soviet state that straddles the West and the East is tearing itself apart. One region is pulling west and the other to the east.

The proximity of Ukraine to Russia and their historical link is of particular interest to the Americans

Western vultures with a penchant for turning sovereign states into an arena for their geopolitical games wasted no time and pounced on Ukraine.

The Cold War absurdities are once again visited upon the people of Ukraine. The Soviet Union may have collapsed, but the Americans have not moved on.

Theirs was an imperialist aim to consolidate global economic power by any means necessary. They never hesitate to unleash their military might against weaker countries that offend their geopolitical interests.

Their covert operations and their well-oiled propaganda machinery are reserved for those countries like Russia and China against whom a military confrontation is unimaginable.

The proximity of Ukraine to Russia and their historical link is of particular interest to the Americans.

Ukraine falls within the sphere of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) expansionist agenda. Strengthening Europe and weakening Russia are the primary objectives behind the interference in Ukraine.

Ukraine's legitimate choice not to enter into trade agreements with Europe has been met with scorn and anger by imperialist forces that seek to decide for them.

Russia has been promoting the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

The economic ties that existed between Moscow and Kiev, before neo-Nazi thugs overthrew a Ukrainian government, suggested future membership of Ukraine in the EEU.

A prospect beyond the imagination of the United States (US).

They had to topple democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and replace him with fascists. Anything to undermine Russia will be done if it has to be.

Behind every crisis there seems to be the US, or the US hijacks the situation in furtherance of its own narrow geopolitical thuggery.

What generally follows such thuggish events is the Americans assuming a righteous posture and pretending to be advancing universal values of democracy and human rights.

Lessons from history expose the duplicitous nature of the US in almost every encounter.

The condemnation of Russia over the secession of Crimea magnified the supreme hypocrisy of Washington.

The US gleefully endorsed the secession of Kosovo as it reconciled with its NATO agenda, yet in Ukraine it refused to respect the will of the people of Crimea.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was murdered with the assistance of NATO on the back of claims that he planned to bomb his people.

In Ukraine, the military is unleashed upon civilians, some of whom were burnt alive in Odessa.

The US pretends it never happened because the perpetrators serve its interests.

Whatever blame, however ridiculous, is directed at Putin. ●

Sentletse Diakanyo Blogger, former banker and member of South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters

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