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Posted on Friday, 25 November 2011 15:10

Uganda's AMISOM troops demand sex leave

By Geof Magga

Ugandan soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Somalia with AMISOM have complained that they did not have access to their conjugal rights.

Ugandan soldiers serving with AMISOM are asking for a sex break/Photo/Reuters

The Ugandan People's Defence Forces serving in Somalia have called on the government to make special arrangements for them to go back to Uganda to attend to their sexual needs.

In response, Ugandan army spokesman, Felix Kulayigye said the army will not grant the request, but rather they should persevere like the USA Navy troops who spend years in service, thousands of miles away from their country.

"The soldiers asking for sex leave should be patient. After all they stay in Somalia for only 9 months before they return to Uganda and another group is sent to replace them," said Kulayigye.

"Nine months is not a very long period for one to do without sex. USA navy troops take years while away on missions but they do their work without complaining about lack of sex."

The soldiers made their request when five Ugandan Members of Parliament recently visited the peace keepers in Mogadishu, a first such visit by the country's legislators since troops were deployed in 2007.

A former Ugandan soldier, who served under AMISOM in Somalia, speaking anonymously, said it was "difficult to get women in Somalia beacuse of their culture and strictness. One of (my colleagues) impregnated a woman but was punished in Uganda".

Milton Muwuma, who led the delegation of legislators, said the soldiers were happy to see them and talked freely with them about the problems they encounter including lack of sex.

Uganda has about 7 000 troops in Somali, while Burundi, the only other African country with troops in the Horn of Africa nation, has about 6000 soldiers serving under AU force AMISOM.

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