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Posted on Monday, 15 July 2013 16:31

Business book review: Knowledge resources in emerging markets

By Prince Ofori-Atta

Talent Management in Emerging Markets and The Performance Management Handbook for Emerging Markets seek to guide those hoping to tap into the human resource pool in emerging markets, especially in Africa.


Demand for skills in emerging markets largely outweighs supply.

The fast-paced growth of these markets has proved challenging for local tertiary institutions that struggle to provide sufficient numbers of quality graduates to satisfy companies' needs.

Talent Management in Emerging Markets discusses the talent strategies used by multinationals such as AngloGold Ashanti, Standard Bank and Unilever.

Although the book focuses on global companies, its take on the management of local and expatriate talent could provide lessons for smaller businesses too.

South Africa's Dr. Mark Bussin, one of the contributors to Bluen's book, goes further into the subject in The Performance Management Handbook for Emerging Markets.

Unpacking the complexities of human resource management, he argues that success is contextual.

What is seen as talent in one place could be culturally incompatible in another setting.

Insisting that best practices are territory specific, he cites the example of China's Haier's extreme 'name and shame' strategy to encourage performance.

The use of metrics and tables to evaluate human capital and dissect the philosophy of performance management is intriguing, albeit technical.

Both books will be useful for students and managers who want to understand the science of human resources in emerging markets. ●

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